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Shakira on motherhood: “Nobody told me it would be this hard!”

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Shakira expressed her thoughts about motherhood saying: “Nobody told me it would be this hard!” Shakira gave birth three months ago to Milan and admitted that being a mother is not as easy as many people think and it is quite of a change from her past. During an interview with Weekly magazine Shakira talked [...]

Milan market closes good

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Milan- Milan’s index was pushed upwards by the industrial sector with the Ftse Mib closing at 13,545 points (+0,88%). All share rose by 0.93% to 14,501 points. From the industrial and automobile sectors: Finmeccanica (+2.1%), Ansaldo (+3.1%), Buzzi (+0.8%), Fiat (+1%), Fiat industrial (+2.5%), Pirelli (+2%). Mixed bag for bank stocks notwithstanding China’s cut in [...]

10,5 million Euros for Pope’s World Family Day

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MILAN (ITALY) – The Pope’s World Family Day in Milan costs 10,5 mln Euros but 2 independent agencies estimate that it will bring in 56. The estimates include the costs for the International Congress, yesterday’s and today’s events with the Pope and the staging of the Bresso area where the WFD will move to this [...]

VIDEO: Earthquake in Italy caught on live TV

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An Italian reporter was on live TV reporting on the latest earthquake to have struck northern Italy when an aftershock rattles the area where the reporter is. The man jumps and starts looking if the buildings around him start to crumble. The earthquake was felt at 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning. At least ten people have [...]

3.41% for Milan, spread between German and Italian bonds down to 430

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MILAN – The stock market was up sharply by the close of trading, making it the top performer in Europe today. The FTSE MIB rose 3.41% to 13,456 points and the All Share was up 3.36%. The spread between German and Italian 10-year bonds was down to 430 points, while markets positioned themselves at the [...]

Milan stock market ended the day down

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MILAN – The Milan stock market ended the day down as the index was affected by dividend payment, which weighed on quotes at about 1.8%. The gap was closed, but at the end the FTSE MIB had dropped 0.28%, to 13,012 points and the All Share ceded 0.60%. The market was reasonably optimistic following other [...]

Italy. Maroni and Northen League’s election results: “We paid a very high price”

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MILAN – Roberto Maroni, former Interior Minister, had to acknowledge that the results of the recent local elections have been ‘ not positive’ for the Northern League. Maroni met the media in the Lega Nord headquarters in Milan and did nothing to conceal his party’s defeat. “We have paid a very high price,” he conceded, [...]

Anorexia emergency denied by La Scala dancers

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MILAN – It has been reported that anorexia is rampant at Milan’s famed La Scala theater have startled the dance corps, which issued a statement Wednesday denying the eating disorder was an issue. The dancers wrote that they were “flabbergasted and embittered” over Mariafrancesca Garritano’s statements in media interviews and a book that anorexia is [...]

Italy struck by magnitude 5.3 quake

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ROME – An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.3 shook northern Italy on Friday, the second such temblor this week. The epicenter was near Parma. Residents in Milan said they felt the temblor that lasted about 10-15 seconds. No injuries or serious damage were reported then.

Coach Allegri with AC Milan untill 2014

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MILAN – AC Milan says it has extended the contract of coach Massimiliano Allegri has been extended for another two years, taking him through to June 2014. The 44-year-old Allegri, who joined Milan from Cagliari in 2010, said Friday he was glad “to have the opportunity to work for Milan for another two years.” Milan [...]

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