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Jessica Heeringa Case: Second Surveillance Video Released (Video)

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A second surveillance video showing the van where a Michigan mother was allegedly forced into on April 29 was released Wednesday evening.  Jessica Heeringa, a 25-year-old mother who was on a night shift at a gas station in Norton Shores, Mich., was last seen Friday night around 11:15 p.m.. The young woman was abducted at [...]

Mayan doomsday prophecy forces 33 Michigan schools to close

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According to a Mayan prophecy, the world ends today and panic is spreading across the United States. Rumors of the end of the world are so rampant that authorities in Michigan were forced to close 33 schools. Posts on Twitter read: “Friday would be a great day to go out w/ a bang” leaving Lapeer [...]

Teen finds a finger in Arby’s sandwich

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DETROIT – This story is a creepy one, Ryan Hart, 14, found a finger in his Arby’s sandwich. It was a weird burger, and it had a strange texture so the teenager decided to open the sandwich and found the creepy surprise. Other than melted cheese and ketchup there was a piece of human finger. [...]

Michigan stabber considered mentally ill

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FLINT, Michigan – It has been reported that a man accused of a deadly series of stabbings in Michigan was mentally ill and couldn’t resist the spell of “evil forces” that compelled him to attack people, a psychiatrist testified Thursday as attorneys tried to overcome strong evidence with an insanity defense. Elias Abuelazam is paranoid [...]

Critical charges against Michigan militia

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DETROIT – It has been reported that a federal judge dismissed the most serious charges Tuesday against members of a Michigan militia who were rounded up two years ago as homegrown extremists accused of plotting war against the United States. The decision is an embarrassing result for the U.S. government, which secretly planted an informant [...]

Mitt Romney scores big wins in Michigan and Arizona

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NOVI, Michigan РMitt Romney won the two primaries in Michigan and Arizona on Tuesday solidifying his bid to challenge President Barack Obama in the presidential elections in November. With almost all precincts counted in the state of Michigan, Romney has won at least 30,000 votes more than his rival Rick Santorum . The two other [...]

Michigan primary vote: Romney vs Santorum

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WASHINGTON -Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum tomorrow will fight for Michigan primary vote on Tuesday. As Ap reported they also are looking just over the horizon a bonanza of delegates in the 10-state nominating contests that fall on one day just a week later. Romney and Santorum are virtually tied heading into [...]

How virus evolve to infect genes

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NEW YORK – A study published in the Journal Science demonstrated that virus evolve and they can find new ways to infect cells. A team of scientists at Michigan State University describes this system: “New traits based on multiple mutations can indeed occur with frightening speed. The Michigan researchers studied a virus known as lambda. [...]

Father hopes to get out of jail on daughter’s excellent driving skills

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