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Mario Balotelli delights crowd with piano skills (Video)

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ROME, Italy – A video of AC Milan footballer Mario Balotelli palying the Italian national anthem has emerged.  Balotelli, 22, is watched by footballer Andrea Pirlo while people around him are filming. The video zooms in on the Balotelli’s hands leaving his face out of shot. This has left some people wondering if the whole [...]

Balotelli: “I will let Fanny Neguesh Have Sex With Real Madrid Stars If…”

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Mario Balotelli is giving Real Madrid stars the chance to sleep with his girlfriend Fanny Neguesha if they reach the Champions League final.  The controversial Italian striker said he’s willing let Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates bed his gorgeous girlfriend if they beat their Champions League rivals Borussia Dortmund. Mario Balotelli, 22, told a Spanish [...]

Mario Balotelli dozes off on Train Luggage Rack (Photo)

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Mario Balotelli was pictured in a luggage rack on a train with two AC Milan teammates. The Italian striker moved back to Italy from Manchester City during the January transfer window. He hasn’t been in any bust-ups yet but still loves to suprise people with his antics. In the photo, the Italian striker is pictured [...]

Fanny Neguesha posts saucy photo showing her humping topless boyfriend Mario Balotelli (PHOTO)

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LONDON – Fanny Neguesha posted a saucy photo of her humping her boyfriend Mario Balotelli on her Instagram account. The two got into a relationship short after the Manchester City player Mario Balotelli ended his relationship with Raffaella Fico. More photos of Fanny Neguesha: SOURCE: dailymail.co.uk

Parents smear chocolate all over baby’s face so he can look like Mario Balotelli

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NEW YORK – A photo of a baby with chocolate smeared all over his face  to look like footballer Mario Balotelli caused outrage. The photo has already been retweeted 2,000 and shows the baby with chocolate on his face and a sponge on his head to recreate Mario Balotelli’s mohawk hairstyle. The baby’s t-shirt reads: [...]

PHOTO Manchester United fan urinates on Mario Balotelli’s Bentley

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Italian striker Mario Balotelli is living his final days as a Manchester City player so a Manchester United fan bid him farewell by peeing on his car. Balotelli, 22, was at a posh Indian restaurant in downtown Manchester when a United fan urinated on the striker’s ‘camouflaged’ Bentley. The fan’s farewell gift was a “wee bit [...]

Nicki Minaj turns down Mario Balotelli to indulge on junk food

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‘Super Bass’ rapper Nicki Minaj isn’t ready to settle down just yet despite her recent announcements to have family. Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli attended the 29-year-old rapper’s concert in Manchester on Monday but was turned down when he asked staff if he could meet her. Mario, 22, is a big fan of the rapper but [...]

VIDEO: Balotelli’s Euro 2012 celebration finds its place on Fifa 13

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Mario Balotelli struck Euro 2012′s best pose when he celebrated his second goal in Italy’s semifinal win over Germany. Balotelli’s ‘Hulk’ celebration went viral and it has now found its place onto EA Sports’ latest soccer videogame Fifa 13, writes The Huffington Post. YouTube

Mario Balotelli basking in Ibiza’s sun in pink underpants

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Mario Balotelli is basking in Ibiza’s sun doing his best to impress the girls. The Italian striker was pictured in his aprtment on the Spanish island in a pair of purple underpants. Balotelli, 21, is enjoying his time off from training after having been one of the brightest talents at Euro 2012. Last week he [...]

Mario Balotelli’s mother on 6 pounds an hour to stay close to him

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Mario Balotelli is one of the world’s most paid footballers. He earns £120,000 a week but his mother isn’t putting her hands into his wallet despite earning  just over 6 pounds an hour working as a cleanear. Rose decided to follow Mario  to Manchester last Christmas and is keeping ‘a low profile’ because she doesn’t want [...]

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