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Ukraine: Wedding guest tries to cut man’s throat (NSFW Video)

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KIEV (UKRAINE) – A wedding in Zelenograd turned into a bloody fight when a man tried to cut a guest’s throat with a knife. The wedding almost turned deadly when two friends of the married couple began arguing. One of the guests pulls a knife from his pocket and puts it around the other man’s [...]

Naked man got shot in Berlin (VIDEO)

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A young man has been shot in Berlin after being spotted climbing naked into a public well holding a knife in his hand. The man started to hurt himself, and the police arrived and tried to help him out. Although the man attacked a police officer and he eventually was shot. The man died. Watch [...]

Guy puts knife in a toaster and almost kills himself (VIDEO)

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A man puts a knife in a toaster and almost kills himself A man and some his friends were just fooling around and ended up putting a knife in a toaster. See what happens next:

Man attempts to break car window with his head (VIDEO)

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A man attempted to break a car only with his head The man seemed fine eventually despite all the attempts he made. Check out the video below:

Bloody man cuts himself and then jumps out of the window (VIDEO-NSFW)

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A man was cutting himself while sitting on the window and then he ended up jumping out of the window It is not known yet whether or not the man managed to survive. Check out the video below:

Drunk man ends up passing out halfway up 70ft bridge in Serbia (PHOTO)

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A drunk man ended up passing out halfway up 70-feet bridge in Serbia 28 year-old Ivan Tolvich has been rescued by emergency crew after he passed out up a 70-feet bridge in Belgrade, Serbia. The man decided to take a nap on a 4-feet wide steel grider. The emergency crews have been called by worried [...]

Man has lived with pencil embedded in his skull for 15 years without noticing it

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A man has lived with a pencil embedded in his skull for 15 years and he never noticed it It is thought that the 24 year-old man suffered from an injury when he was a child and he ended up with a pecil stuck in his skull. The man has been having bad headaches since [...]

Crazy naked man climbs on firetruck and gets tased (VIDEO-NSFW)

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A crazy man climbed aboard of the Prince George County firetruck in Maryland and refused to get off Eventually when the man got off he was tased by the policemen. Apparently the man performed lewd acts and threatned the officers. Watch the video below:

Man falls from 8th floor and survives (VIDEO)

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A man accidentally fell from the 8th floor and miraculously survived The man was then taken to the hospital with bad injuries, but managed to survive. Check out the video below:

Man slides down an escalator rail and injures himself (VIDEO)

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A man ended up injuring himself after trying to slide down an escalator rail in San Diego. Check out the video below:

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