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Man dresses up as Hulk and then finds out the paint is permanent

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NEW YORK – A 35 year-old man, Paulo Henrique dos Santos, decided to dress up as Hulk and apply green paint to his body for a track meet in Rio de Janeiro. His disguise was very succesfull, though when he got back home and try to take off make-up he realised it was permanent. He [...]

VIDEO:Living Barbie Doll: Fake or Real?

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NEW YORK – Her name is Valeria Lukyanova, and she is 21 years old. She has become famous on the internet because she looks like a living Barbie Doll. Though there is a lot of controversy, a lot of people think she is just the product of Photoshop. Below you can see her in a [...]

2 kids and a woman killed in Saint Death ritual in Mexico

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HERMOSILLO, Mexico – It has been reported that eight people have been arrested for allegedly killing two 10-year-old boys and a 55-year-old woman in ritual sacrifices by the cult of La Santa Muerte, or Saint Death, prosecutors in northern Mexico said Friday. Jose Larrinaga, spokesman for Sonora state prosecutors, said the victims’ blood was poured [...]

Taylor Momsen sticks to her panda eyes in Pretty Reckless video

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NEW YORK – In her new video Taylor Momsen seems a lot softer respect to what she usually acts like. Though she still shows her panda eyes with tons of black eyeshadow all around her eyes. The video depicts Taylor Momsen walking around a bleak room , wearing a white vest and black pants, and [...]

Emerging markets boost cosmetics giant L'Oreal

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PARIS – It has been reported that French cosmetics giant L’Oreal reported solid sales and profit growth for 2011, driven by growth in emerging markets, which the company said would overtake western Europe as its most important region this year. With sales in Europe suffering amid the global economic slowdown and the continent’s debt crisis, [...]

Snooky with no makeup

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NEW YORK – Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi tweeeted a phot of herself with no makeup on on Wednesday. The fans said she looks fabulous and the “overwhelmingly positive response” made her day. “Can I just say¬†how amazing my fans/supporters are! You guys really know how to put a smile on my face! Love [...]