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Lindsay Lohan caught off guard by David Letterman’s Rehab Question (Video)

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  Lindsay Lohan was caught off guard during last night’s interview with David Letterman on CBS’ Late Show. The TV anchor suprised the young starlet asking her when her next trip to rehab will be. Despite looking somewhat upset about the question Lohan replied: “May 2.” But she was also swift to note that questions [...]

What happened to Lindsay Lohan? Huge bruises appear on her legs (PHOTOS)

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RIO, BRAZIL – Lindsay Lohan had huge bruises on her legs when she has been spotted on a beach in Rio on Tuesday. Lindsay Lohan is in Brazil with her entourage and her boyfriend Avi Snow, although she decided to spend a day on her own sunbathing in a blue bikini. Lindsay took off her [...]

Lindsay Lohan’s boob slips out of low-cut dress in Brazil (PHOTO)

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Lindsay Lohan was just a few inches away from a disastrous wardrobe malfunction as she got out of a helicopter on the island of Florianopolis in Brazil. The actress is on a tour in the South American country to promote a new clothing line. She should thank her long hair for covering her right breast. [...]

Justin Bieber on his offensive tweet about Lindsay Lohan: ‘What I said was wrong’

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NEW YORK – Justin Bieber posted yesterday an offensive comment about Lindsay Lohan after being compared to her, and today he took it back apologizing. Justin Bieber after being compared to Lindsay Lohan said: “To those comparing me to Lindsay Lohan look at her 2012 tax statements ” Magic happened and Justin Bieber deleted the [...]

PHOTO LiLo reveals new ink with ciphered writing in first 2013 court appearance

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Troublemaker Lindsay Lohan appeared in court for the first time this year in a trial she has been charged with three misdemeanor counts after crashing into a dump truck last summer. LiLo showed up at the pretrial hearing donning a skin tight outfit and a new tatto on her right arm. As Eonline reveals, the [...]

Did Lindsay Lohan really steal Elizabeth Taylor’s bracelet?

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LONDON – Lindsay Lohan has been accused of stealing Elizabeth Taylor’s bracelet. This is not the first time that Lindsay has been accused of theft, last summer she has been accused of stealing £62,000 worth of jewellery but ended up not being prosecuted for lack of evidence. The bracelt has been stolen from a nurse [...]

Lindsay Lohan has issues because she witnessed her dad abusing her mother

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NEW YORK – Lindsay Lohan’s mother said that she is “so screwed up” because she witness her father Michael Lohan abusing her. This is what Dina, Lindsay’s mother, told the New York Daily News: “Lindsay saw her dad abuse me – that’s why she’s so screwed up. She saw a lot of crazy stuff. I [...]

Lindsay Lohan arrested for New York nightclub brawl

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Actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested early Thursday morning for assaulting a woman at a New York City nightclub. As TMZ reports, Lohan landed a punch on a female patron after they insulted each other from separate booths. Lohan had already left the premises when officers arrived on the scene and was stopped as she was [...]

Lindsay Lohan: “WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i’m calling it Sally)..?

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NEW YORK – Lindsay Lohan was rather confused about Hurricane Sandy so she decided to send the following tweet: “WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i’m calling it Sally)..? Stop projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace.” It seems like Lindsay totally ignored 1o people killed by Hurricane Sandy in New York [...]

Lindsay Lohan cuts ties with her dad, and points out “My mom does not do drugs”


LONDON – Lindsay Lohan decided to cut all the ties with her father after he released a phone call who he recorded  in which Lindsay Lohan claimed that her mother was on cocaine and she was cussing at her. After such call Lindsay said she lied about her mother and she cut all the ties [...]

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