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Why you should never give a lightsaber to a toddler (VIDEO)

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NEW YORK, UNITED STATES – This video will show you why you should never give a lightsaber to a toddler. Taking a lightsaber off toddler’s hands is harder than you might think!. Check this video out:

Star Wars’s fans dream came true: they can now attend lightsaber classes

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  NEW YORK – Every Star Wars’ fan dream has come true, now they are able to attend lightsaber classes. The lightsaber classes take place in San Francisco and they are run by Jedi masters like Alain Bloch. The students are thought unique lightsaber techniques to fight the enemies. This is what a student said: [...]

VIDEO: Jedi Grandma doesn’t like to be annoyed

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Never underestimate anybody is the lesson of the day. Two teenagers start annoying the wrong person during their basketball game in their house’s frontyard. They soon find out they were barking up the wrong tree. Jedi Grandma is one tough cookie. Source: ¬†YouTube Guardian