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First cat café to open in London

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The first cat café will soon open in London. Cat lovers are very happy and they all want to be the first through the door. The idea was of an Australian entrepeneur called Lauren Pears that on Friday revelaed that she will soon sign a lease on a property in London because she wants to [...]

33 jobs in 33 countries: Jan Lachner’s challenge

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25 year-old French engineer Jan Lachner decided to take a break from the aeronautical industry to take up a challenge and do 33 jobs in 33 countries all over the world. A French engineer Jan Lachner took up a challenge and try out 33 different jobs all over the world. He is currently employed as [...]

Michael Moore: “White People own 90% of America’s Guns” (Video)

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Filmmaker Michael Moore claims 90% of America’s gun owners are white people living in rural areas. In an interview on MSNBC’s ‘The Ed Show’, Moore said African-Americans and hispanics are the minority of America’s gun-owners. He also says that the lack of jobs as well as  poverty and racism are to blame for most of [...]

When is the right time to quit a job you don’t like?

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NEW YORK – You don’t like your job and everything you think “I wish I could quit my job”, but when is the right to take it a step further and actually quit it? What stops you from changing is the fear of the unknown and change itself, and you might consider your will to [...]

US adults now steal teen's summer jobs opportunities

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WASHINGTON – Tables are now turned, apparently an increasing number of adults is taking what used to be teens’ summer jobs. Once a rite of passage to adulthood, summer jobs for U.S. teens are disappearing. Older workers, immigrants and debt-laden college graduates are taking away lower-skill work as they struggle to find their own jobs [...]

US economy gets weaker and weaker over jobs report

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WASHINGTON – It has been reported that the U.S. economy is looking slightly weaker one day before a critical report on May job growth. Economic growth was a little slower in the first three months of the year than first estimated, largely because governments and consumers spent less and businesses restocked their supplies more slowly. [...]

American Airlines: minus 1,200 jobs

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DALLAS – It has been reported that American Airlines wants to eliminate 1,200 nonunion jobs as it cuts costs while under bankruptcy protection. That pushes the company’s overall job-cut target to 14,200. It announced plans in February to cut 13,000 union pilots, flight attendants and ground workers. American outlined the cuts for many nonunion workers [...]

Dollar drops following US jobs report

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NEW YORK – It has been reported that the dollar is falling against most major currencies after a weak U.S. jobs report. The Labor Department says the U.S. economy added 120,000 jobs in March, down from more than 200,000 in each of the previous three months. Economists expected 210,000 jobs to be added last month. [...]

Labor market reforms approved in Spain

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MADRID – It has been reported that Spain’s new conservative government approved sweeping labor market reforms on Friday as part of a drive to revive a sick economy and solve Europe’s worst unemployment nightmare. With the jobless rate at nearly 23 percent, the plan is designed to encourage companies to hire more people by cutting [...]

Oil gets to $100 on US jobs

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NEW YORK – It has been reported that oil prices rose to $100 a barrel on Thursday, helped by U.S. jobs data and investors’ faith in a bailout deal for Greece. Benchmark crude for March delivery rose by $1.13, or 1.1 percent, to end at $99.84 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, after [...]

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