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Japan: Man leave haiku poem behing after killing five people

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TOKYO (GIAPPONE) – A 63-year-old man beat to death five people and then left behind a haiku poem as a clue. The suspect killed the victims in their sleep and then torched their houses. The ordeal occurred in a Japanese village of just 10 households in the western Yamaguchi prefecture. As The Independent reports, the [...]

Eyeball Licking: the crazy fad giving Japanese students pink eye (PHOTO)

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TOKYO, Japan – Eyeball licking is the insane fad that teenagers all over the world have been doing since the mid 2000s. It consists of a person licking another person’s eyeballs, usually a lover,  to turn them on. The craze has become the next best thing after the “French kiss” among young Japanese students. A survey [...]

Jiroemon Kimura, world’s oldest living man, dies at 116 (Video)

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TOKYO, Japan - Jiroemon Kimura, the world’s oldest man and the only remaining man born in the 19th century, died of old age in his house in the prefecture of Kyoto. Kimura, who was born on 19 April 1897, became the oldest living person on December 27, 2012 when Dina Manfredini, an Italian-American, died at the age [...]

Meet Jiremon Kimura, the last man to have been born in the 19th Century

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Jiremon Kimura is the oldest human on the planet but also the last man to have been born in the 19th century. Mr Kimura, 116, was born in the year 30 of the Meiji period and since then he’s seen four emperors and 61 prime ministers govern Japan. Mr Kimura was born on April 19, [...]

Japanese Model undergoes 30 cosmetic procedures to look like a French doll (PHOTOS)

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Vanilla Chamu has undergone more than 30 cosmetic procedures to look like a French doll.  Vanilla is a Japanese model who has spent 10 million yen ($102k ) since her first plastic surgery at the age of 19. Since then, she has gone under the knife at least 30 times. She has had many surgery treatments including [...]

Japan: Skull Reaper A-Ji Banned from Council Meetings until he takes off his mask

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A Japanese wrestler elected in the local council of Oita in February has been told he can’t attend meetings with his mask on. Skull Reaper A-Ji was told on Monday by his fellow councilors that he had to take off his wrestling mask because it was against the rules. The wrestler’s fellow council members said [...]

Japan: Workers in Tokyo pay $600 a month to live in ‘coffin apartments’ (Photo)

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Finding accommodation in Tokyo is never easy and many people are often left with no choice but to take whatever’s on offer. Just like those professionals who spend up to £400 a month ($600) for a small cubicle called ‘geki-sema’ or coffin apartments. These share-houses is the latest idea Japanese have come up with to [...]

WATCH: Two teens taste of Japan’s ‘Condom Ice Cream’

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Sharla is a CDN girl who regularly updates her YouTube and Twitter accounts with some of the crazy experiences she’s living in Japan. The latest video she uploaded is, as she describes, the one with “the highest number of unintentional sexual innuendos you’ll ever find in one place.”Sharla said the Japanese Condom ice cream which [...]

PHOTO Mike the Murasoi, the most radioactive fish ever, caught near Fukushima plant

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Two years after the disaster at the Fukushima Daichi nuclear plant, a fish called ‘Mike the Murasoi’ was caught on Friday. TEPCO caught the fish on January 18 and found it had 254,000 becquerels per kilogram which makes it the most radioactive fish ever. That’s 2,500 times more than the 100 bequerels pre kilogram limit imposed by [...]

WATCH Mt. Fuji Musical Road

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OSAKA – Watch this cool road that as you drive up and down Mt. Fuji plays a tune and changes pitch:

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