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SWAT team storms house in Israel, 4-year-old hostage freed in 6 seconds (Video)

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ASHEKELON (ISRAEL) – A SWAT team stormed a house in six seconds in Israel to free a four-year-old girl from a mentally-ill man. The captor, a 30-year-old with mental illness, locked himself in an apartment’s room with his niece last Tuesday. Police initially tried to negotiate but the man wouldn’t let the hostage go. Eventually, a SWAT team [...]

Israel confirms joint US rocket launch in Mediterranean

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Israel claimed responsibility for a joint US missile launch in the Mediterranean Sea on September 3, 2013. As Russia Times reports, two ballistic rockets were fired around 6 a.m. and have fallen in the eastern area of the Mediterranean Sea. Russian president Vladimir Putin was informed about the incident Tuesday morning by Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu. Syria’s radar system failed to detect [...]

Halk Naked Female Israeli Soldiers Pole Dance Around Assault Rifle (Video)

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TEL AVIV, Israel – The four female Israeli soldiers disciplined for posting a set of raunchy snaps on Facebook are now in hot water over a video they filmed in a barracks room of a military base in southern Israel. The cheeky Israeli girls filmed themselves performing a pole dance around an assault rifle.  YouTube

Israeli Education Minister Cracks Up After Reading “Penetration” (Video)

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TEL AVIV, Israel – Shai Piron, Israel’s Education Minister, was reporting to the Knesset on the smuggling of illegal items into prison cells when he began laughing. According to Hypervocal, the minister cracked up when he pronounced the word “penetration“. The outbreak of laughter became contagious, infecting the entire parliament. The uncontrolled moment of juvenile [...]

Female Israeli Soldiers Disciplined For Taking Pictures In Their Underwear (Photo)

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TEL AVIV, Israel – Four female soldiers enlisted in the Israeli Army have been punished after photos of them in underwear were posted to a Facebook page. As The Daily Mail reports, the four women were punished by military authorities for their ‘unbecoming behavior’ after the saucy snaps appeared on the Israeli news website Walla. [...]

Syria: Pre-Dawn Raid Kills Thousands in Damascus (Video)

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A huge explosion in Damascus, the capital of Syria, was caught on camera.  Syrian State Television claims the strike was conducted by Israeli forces and hit multiple targets in the Syrian capital. According to a statement that appeared on Facebook page and run through Google Translate, there were more than 40 explosions in the raid on the nation’s [...]

Playboy launches Hebrew language edition in Israel

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JERUSALEM – Men magazine ‘Playboy’ has launched its Hebrew language edition. The first Hebrew language edition of the magazine was announced on Tuesday and it features Israeli models and articles written by Israeli writers. Playboy has been widely available in Israel for years. At a press conference held Tuesday, owner and publisher Daniel Pomerantz said: “”Our [...]

British MP leaves debate at Oxford University because speaker is Israeli (Video)

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A British MP stunned a group of Oxford University students by walking out of a debate because the speaker was Israeli. George Galloway, a left-wing MP, got out of his chair and left the hall after he found out that 21-old-student Mr Aslan-Levy was Israeli. Mr Galloway stormed out of the room after he said: “I [...]

Israeli sniper posts on Instagram snap of Palestinian child in his rifle’s crosshairs (Photo)

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A photo published on the Instagram account of an Israeli sniper with a Palestinian boy’s head in his rifle’s crosshairs has gone viral. Mor Ostrovski posted the photo on his Instagram account and the IDF was forced to issue an apology after the snap went viral on various social platforms. In the statement, the IDF [...]

Israel poised to build thousands of new settler homes in east Jerusalem

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Despite rejecting a plan to build 800 new settler homes, local authorities in Jerusalem are set to back a plan to build 2,600 homes in the city’s Arab neighbourhood of Beit Safafa .  According to peace watchdog Peace Now, Jerusalem’s local municipal committee “will approve Givat Hamatos A” on Wednesday. The housing plan may turn [...]

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