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Suraj Pancholi arrested on suspicion of abetting Jiah Khan’s suicide

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MUMBAY, India – Suraj Pancholi, the son of a Bollywood couple, was arrested in connection with the death of his girlfriend Jiah Khan. Pancholi, 25, is the son of Bollywood actress Aditya Panchooli. He was arrested on suspicion of abetting his ex-girlfriend’s suicide. Jiah was found hanging at her apartment on June 3, 2013. Apparently, the American born [...]

India Arrests US Citizen Gang-Rapists

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MANALI, India – Authorities in the state of Himachal Pradesh arrested three men in connection with the gang-rape of a 30-year-old American woman.  The US citizen was assaulted after the men, who were driving a white pickup truck,  offered her a lift to the town of Manali. The woman had been on a visit to [...]

US Citizen gang-raped by three men in India

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MANALI, India - An American citizen was gang-raped by three men on the outskirts of an Indian resort town on Tuesday. After spending the night at a friend’s house, the 30-year-old was hitchhicking on the side of the road when three men in a truck stopped to pick her up. But instead of taking her back [...]

Three goats arrested in India for damaging police car

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Three goats have been arrested in India for having damaged a police car The three goats that attacked a police car were charged with vandalism and got locked in a cage. This is what an Indian officer reported: ‘We got the vehicle two days ago, and they damaged the wipers and glass, and scratching the paint of [...]

Indian Father Charged For Letting 9-year-old Son Drive Ferrari (Video)

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A father in India was charged with endangering the life of his 9-year-old son for letting him drive his Ferrari on his birthday.  According to authorities in the state of Kerala the father let his son and his 7-year-old brother go for a spin in the red Ferrari two weeks ago.- The video appeared online [...]

India: Student killed after gang-rape and “Maratha” written on body

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A young female student in the state of Karnataka, India, was gang-raped before the rapists murdered her with a stone and wrote the name of an Indian warrior caste on her body.   The 20-year-old female student was returning home on Friday evening after an examination at the Government Degree College in Belgaum. She was [...]

Colony of termites munched through £199,000 at an Indian bank

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A colony of termites termites managed to eat their way through £119,000 at a bank in Baranki, northern India. The money, 10 million rupees (£119,000) was kept in a steel chest and it was impossible to access, although the workers did not take into account a possible attack by the termites. This is what police [...]

Roona Begum, the Indian Girl with a Head as big as a Balloon (Photo)

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An Indian girl suffers from hydrocephalus since she was born. Roona Begum is an 18-month old baby from the small Indian village of Agartala, and her head is three times the average size of a baby her age. The little baby girl from north eastern India has an above average presence of cerebrospinal fluid inside [...]

Man comes out of fire still alive seeking help (VIDEO-NSFW)

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NEW DELHI, INDIA – A man came out of a fire still alive and he was seeking help. The man was a victim of a fuel tank explosion in India. As soon as he got out of the fire he went to seek for help. Some people nearby tried to sprinkle water on his 3rd [...]

Leopard gets rescued after falling into a well

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NEW DELHI, INDIA – A young leopard has been rescued after falling into a well in northeast India. The animal has been spotted in a well at Kamakhya temple in Guwahati, India. Forest officials did their best to rescue the young leopard, they calmed the animal before and then the went down a ladder to [...]

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