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Kim Kardashian making contingency plans for when she turns 40

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On last night’s episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Kim Kardashian revealed her future plans if things don’t turn out the way they should with her man Kanye West. She told her sister Kourtney’s boyfriend she would turn to IVF if she isn’t married ten years from now. To read the whole article click [...]

In-vitro twins denied Social Security benefits

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WASHINGTON – Modern fertility methods received a blow on Monday when the Supreme Court ruled that in-vitro fertilization children conceived after the death of their father aren’t ‘automatically entitled’ to receive insurance benefits. The ruling stated that the children of defunct Robert Nicholas Capato weren’t his because they were born 18-months after his death.¬†Furthermore, the [...]

Bold Chinese couple defies one child law with IVF

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BEIJING – A couple in China’s southern province of Guangzhou has defied the Chinese government’s one child law with a one million yuan in vitro fertilization scheme. According to the Guangzhou Daily the couple that pulled a ruse on China’s strict baby conceiving laws used two surrogate mothers to help have four boys and four [...]

Man fathers daughter a year after being killed

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NEW YORK РMaurice Gordon  was U.S. custom officer who was slain while off duty in June 2010. He left his wife Katisha and toddler Zoe who had been conceived through IVF, or in vitro fertilization. As The New York Daily News reports, they were trying for another baby when he got killed. Katisha then [...]