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Cat refuses to return stolen money (VIDEO)

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A cat refused to return to its owner the money it stole As soon as the owner spotted the note in the cat’s mouth, he was trying to retrieve it, but the cat had no intention of returning the money whatsoever. Check out the funny video below:

Check out the most hilarious “Why I dumped you” break-up letter (PHOTO)

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A girlfriend found a funny way to dump her boyfriend. She decided to write a letter with the reasons why he got dumped The letter lists several weird reasons why he got dumped, among these the fact he eats cereal with water, or that he kisses his whole family on the mouth. You can read [...]

Cat gets stuck into fish bowl (VIDEO)

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A cat ended up getting stuck into a fish bowl The owners got it out of the fish bowl, but he seems to love it and it just getting back into it. Check out the video below:

Monkey Buys Himself A Drink (VIDEO)

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This video shows a monkey buying himself a drink The monkey approaches the vending machine, inserts the coins, and even picks up the change! Check out the video:

Grandpa toy seller does not recognize Dildo (VIDEO)

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Grandpa toy seller does not recognize Dildo A toy seller does not recognize a Dildo and mistakes it for a toy gun. Check out the video below:

Sea Lion takes a ride on a Sea Turtle (VIDEO)

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A sea lion has been spotted taking a ride on a sea turtle. The turtle did not seem quite keen and tried to get read of the sea lion. Watch the video below:

Brave man puts end to terror in the office (VIDEO)

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A brave man put an end to “terror” in the office CCTV footage reveals the whole scene where a man eventually managed to put an end to the terror that took place in an office. Watch the video below:

Best break-up letter ever: “happy hunting” (PHOTO)

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Break-up are never easy, but what you find below is probably one of the best break-up letters The letter was posted on Imgur and nothing is known about the person who wrote it. The reason of the break-up is her boyfriend forgetting to log out from Facebook on the computer and her who found a [...]

The glass photographer: the art of taking photos with glasses, Google Glass

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A funny video shows how people take photos with glasses, i.e Google’s Glass Google Glass allows you to record and take photos everywhere without carrying a camera with you. The video that shows Google’s Glass in action was produced by  the firm Grovo and shows users trying to snap photos with Google Glass in the [...]

Skilled dog barks from his butt (VIDEO)

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A skilled dog is capable of barking from his butt Despite being hard to believe, this video proves that it is possible for a dog to bark from his butt:

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