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Pick-Up truck driver kills friend by reversing at toll booth (VIDEO-NSFW)

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A highway worker got killed in Turkey at the HIghway toll plaza in Narlıdere. The friend accidentally reversed the pick-up truck to change booths and did not notice his work mate was walking behind the vehicle. Check out the video below:

Two Friends Watch Childbirth For The First Time (Video)

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Two guys recorded their reaction as they watched a video of a childbirth for the first time in their lives. The two friends come close to throwing up as they saw the newborn being pulled out of the mother’s womb.  YouTube via Reddit

Pippa Middleton likely ‘off the hook’ but royal scolding awaits her

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PARIS, France – Pippa Middleton will likely face a royal scolding when she returns to England. Her Royal Hotness, as many have dubbed her since her sister Kate’s wedding, was on the tip of everybody’s tongue at the start of the week over the antics of a friend of hers. The gun-toting man, exposed as [...]

Stranded man survived 10 days on snow but the friend dies

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LAS VEGAS – It has been reported that a 76-year-old diabetic man survived 10 days in the remote Nevada desert by melting snow and using skills he learned as a Boy Scout, but a friend who was with him and ventured away to get help died. James Klemovich and Laszlo Szabo, 75, went to scope [...]

Facebook 'friend' offer shows man's other wife

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SEATTLE – It has been reported that Facebook’s automatic efforts to connect users through “friends” they may know recently led two women in the U.S. state of Washington to find out they were married to the same man, at the same time. That led to the man, corrections officer Alan L. O’Neill, being slapped with [...]

Brand-name will mix with Facebook friend posts

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NEW YORK – It has been reported that Messages from brands such as Walmart and Starbucks may soon be mixed in with your Facebook status updates and baby photos from friends and family. Facebook unveiled new advertising opportunities Wednesday to help the world’s biggest brands spread their messages on the world’s largest online social network. [...]

China to ordain Pope friendly bishop

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BEIJING – China plans to ordain a pope-approved bishop Wednesday, but the Vatican and the Chinese government-controlled Catholic church are fighting over the guest list. The ordination of Peter Luo Xuegang as coadjutor bishop of Yibin diocese has the blessing of the Vatican, a recent point of agreement in its decades-long rift with the state-backed [...]

Man assumed friend was drunk, not dead

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DENVER – A man accused of driving around Denver with a dead friend in the back of a car and running up a bar tab on the friend’s account says he thought the man was drunk, not deceased. Robert Young, 43, faces charges including abusing a corpse. He spoke before a court hearing Thursday in [...]