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France release video evidence of Syria’s chemical attack

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PARIS (FRANCE) – France have published on the Ministry of Defence’s website video evidence of the harrowing chemical attack in Damascus. As The Local reports, the footage was obtained by French authorities from Syrian doctors, civilians and members of the rebel movement. The footage shows scores of dead bodies of children and women on a floor. [...]

France: Pregnant Muslim Woman Attacked Over Veil Loses Baby

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PARIS, France - A 21-year-old woman attacked by two skinheads on June 13, 2013 for wearing a veil suffered a miscarriage after the attack. Police confirmed that the Muslim woman had miscarried but didn’t confirm whether the attack was the cause of her miscarriage. The Local reports that the 21-year-old had just finished talking with her mother [...]

France: Burkha ban sparks mass revolt on the outskirts of Paris

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PARIS, France – A 21-year-old pregnant woman was admitted to hospital after a clash over her burqa spun out of control. The young Muslim woman was walking with a burqa around her face in the town of Arguenteil, north of Paris, when two men with shaved heads approached her. As soon as a the two [...]

Shirtless Man Interrupts French Open Finals To Protest Gay Marriage (Video)

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PARIS, France – A shirtless man with flares in his hands disrupted the finals of the French Open on Sunday to protest the same-sex marriage law Francois Hollande’s government passed on May 18, 2013. According to Deadspin.com, the man belongs to a Catholic organization and is also a member of the right wing party UMP. YouTube [...]

Tornadoes hit Southern France (Video)

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CÔTE D’AZUR, France - Visitors were treated to a rather unsual event over the weekend. On Saturday, several tornadoes and waterspouts hit the southern part of France between noon and 4pm, reports The Local. The phenomoenon is uncommon for this part of the world. On average, only one tornado a year forms itself in the Mediterreanean Sea. [...]

France: Young Left wing activist Clément Meric killed by far-right skinheads

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PARIS, France – Clément Meric, a left-wing activist, died on Thursday after an attack by three skinheads left him brain dead.  The young student at Sciences Po was with his freinds looking at clothes in a shop in Paris’ 9th arrondissement when a small group of far-right activists entered the store. A confrontation began and [...]

Anti Gay Marriage Bill Demonstration Ends in Violence in Paris

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Thusands of demonstrators flooded the streets of Paris on Sunday to oppose France’s  new law that legalizes gay marriage. French authorities said more than 150,000 people took to the streets to show their opposition to the law. Among the protesters were members of far-right groups that have clashed with police in the past over the [...]

Former French President Admits Surviving Panda Attack

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Valery Giscard d’Estaing, France’s former President, recently confessed that he was once attacked by a Panda at a Paris zoo.  Mr. Giscard d’Estaing went to the zoo to visit his daughter who at the time was working there. The former president was standing next to the panda’s cage when he suddenly felt the animal’s claws [...]

Dominique Venner, Anti-Gay Rights French Activist, Kills Himself at Notre Dame

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Dominique Venner, a right-wing French historian, committed suicide in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Tuesday to protest against gay marriage and the “Islamist takeover of France.”  The 78-year-old right wing historian shot himself after placing an envelope on the cathedral’s altar. According to French newspaper Le Monde, the letter read: “The essence of [...]

Guy Gets A Punch Instead of A French Kiss (Video)

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A French guy pleading a group of high-school girls for a kiss wasn’t expecting an angry guy to punch his way through glass. 

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