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Family call police for finding ferret in toilet (VIDEO)

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A family called the police for finding a ferret in their toilet It happened in Ukraine where two siblings were shocked after finding a ferret in their toilet. This is what six-year-old Zinaida Parfenteva said: ‘My brother and I were in the bathroom, and suddenly we saw something crawling out of the toilet. We both got scared. [...]

Argentina: Couples tricked into Buying drug-enhanced Ferrets instead of Poodles

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Dog lovers in Argentina were caught off guard when they realized that their adorable white puppies were ferrets filled with steroids. The owner of a drug-enhanced ferret discovered the con after taking the animal to a local vet thinking it was a Chihuahua. Twitter users didn’t feel much simpathy for those who had been swindled. [...]

Ferret mauled 86 year-old woman in her mobility scooter

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LONDON – A ferret mauled a 86 year-old woman. 86 year-old Florence Taylor got attacked by a ferret when she was on her way home from the shops. The ferret jumped on her mobility scooter and sunk its sharp teeth into the heel of her foot for several minutes. Taylor only managed to get rid [...]

Paul the Octopus wannabes for Euro 2012: elephants,pigs,ferrets and much more

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WARSAW, Poland – A lot of Paul the Octopus wannabes are getting ready to take part in Euro 2012 and be the next oracles. With a pig in Kiev, an elephant in Krakow and now, believe it or not, a ferret in Kharkiv, sports prognosticating has truly gone wild. Two years after Paul the Octopus [...]

Incurable flu strain found in bats

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NEW YORK – Sorry to be given you some bad news but it appears that a strain of flu detected in bats could affect us humans soon. The virus was caught by those ugly-looking flying rats a few centuries ago and it has since started to mutate into a new variety. Scientists haven’t been able [...]

Ferret Sneaks Away from Kitty

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NEW YORK – This smart ferret sneaks around under the covers and gets away from the cat.

Endangered ferret comes back

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INTERIOR, South Dakota – As the cage door opened, black-footed ferret No. 7505 tentatively peeked his head out, looked hesitantly at the prairie dog burrow offered before him, and then rushed inside, disappearing beneath the earth of western South Dakota’s badlands. His freedom had been months in the making, but in less than a minute, [...]

Depressed animals flee Siberian circus

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MOSCOW – Who said depression doesn’t affect animals? A ferret, a monkey and a red-breasted parakeet escaped a circus in the Siberian City of Chita, presumably because of the area’s bad weather, reports the moscowtimes.com. “We believe the creatures have fled because of their depression — the rain in Chita just doesn’t stop,”  said the circus’ art director, Zhanna Lazerson. [...]