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14-year-old Tina Performs Van Halen’s Guitar Solo Eruption (Video)

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A girl’s rendition of Van Halen’s guitar solo Eruption has gone viral. Fourteen year old Tina performs the guitar solo to prove a point: even girls know how to rock.   YouTube Viral Viral Videos      

WATCH Mount Tongariro erupts for first time since 1897

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More than a hundred years after its last eruption, New Zealand volcano Mount Tongariro came back to life forcing authorities to evacuate the national park. There are no reports of injuries and sightseers are being discouraged to access the area, it has been reported. The volcano’s last eruption was in 1897. The Ministry of Civil [...]

Samsung inheritance battle erupts

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SEOUL, South Korea – A feud over the riches of South Korea’s Samsung business empire has erupted in public as family members prepare to take an inheritance battle to court. Lee Kun-hee, chairman of Samsung Electronics Co., which is the flagship company of the Samsung conglomerate, is facing off against his older brother, a sister [...]

Star Eta Carinae explodes but it is not dead

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NEW YORK – In the middle of the 19th century the star system called Eta Carinae was the second brightest in the night sky, but it exploded with a great eruption. Though Eta Carinae is not dead yet, and studying this star system might help astronomers to figure out the same phenomena that happen in [...]

Volcano eruptions can be predicted

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LONDON – A researched proved eruptions of the biggest volcanos on earth can be predicted. Researchers got to this conclusions by analysing rock crystals from the Greek Island of Santorini, and they found out that before eruptions there is a magma build up underground that can be easily detected. The eruptions from those volcanos can [...]