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Disney gives $8,000 to man forced to listen to It’s a Small World for 30mins due to ride malfunction

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NEW YORK -  Disney gave $8,000 to a disabled man who was forced to listen to the song “It’s a Small World” for 30 minutes following a ride malfunction. Jose Martinez was the only passenger left to be rescued in the Goodbye Room, in the famous Fantasyland area of Disneyland, when the ride broke down [...]

No more junk food ads on Disney Channel

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NEW YORK – No more junk food ads will be broadcasted on Disney channels. It has been reported that Disney says its programming will no longer be sponsored by junk food. The Walt Disney Co. said Tuesday that it will become the first major media company in the U.S. to ban such ads for its [...]

'Chimpanzee' at little kids: the 4th documentary from Disney


LOS ANGELES – Some privileged nature footage from the African rain forest is dishonored by deeply silly narration in “Chimpanzee,” which follows a particular group of chimps in the Ivory Coast’s isolated Tai Forest. This fourth documentary from the Disneynature label shares with last year’s “African Cats” the fault of talking down and sugarcoating to [...]

Proms are not like red carpets!

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NEW YORK – It has been reported that Debby Ryan and Laura Marano get dressed up more than average teenagers: As Disney Channel starlets, they’ve done their fair share of red carpets. But, they say, there’s still something special, and different, about picking a dress for a school dance and, especially, the prom. “On the [...]

Walt Disney drawing displayed for first time in 40 years

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LOS ANGELES – One of Walt Disney’s oldest drawings is seeing the light of day after being locked away for nearly 40 years. A rough 1928 image of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the wacky predecessor to Mickey Mouse, was brought out of the Walt Disney Co. archive this week and showcased at an event unveiling [...]