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Obama constantly appeals to Republican icons

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WASHINGTON – It hass been reported that President Barack Obama is embracing an unlikely group of political icons as he tries to paint Republican challenger Mitt Romney as extreme: He’s praising Republican presidents from Abraham Lincoln to Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan. The Democratic president typically offers up Republican leaders of the past as evidence [...]

Senate will not block Obama debt request

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WASHINGTON – A Republican attempt has been stopped by Senate Democrats to block President Barack Obama from using his authority to raise the government’s borrowing cap by $1.2 trillion. The Republican move failed on a 52-44 vote, mostly along party lines. The vote caps an unusual process designed by top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell to [...]

Democrats reach Myanmar agreement

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WASHINGTON – Democrats and Republicans are setting aside their sharp political differences to agree on a policy toward Myanmar. The Obama administration has support from key Republicans to restore full diplomatic relations and contemplate easing sanctions against the country also known as Burma, reversing two decades of U.S. isolation of a reviled military regime. Primarily, [...]

Democrats back away from millionaire tax

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WASHINGTON – Democrats backed away from their demand for higher taxes on millionaires as part of legislation to extend payroll tax cuts for most Americans as Congress struggled to avert a partial government shutdown. Stopgap funding runs out Friday at midnight. Officials said Wednesday that Democrats were drafting a new proposal to extend the payroll [...]

President Obama losing financial support

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WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama has lost millions of dollars in support from former donors in Democratic strongholds and in districts that he won narrowly four years ago, according to an Associated Press analysis of the most recent federal campaign finance data. Tens of thousands of supporters who gave him hundreds of dollars or more [...]

Congress still flailing

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WASHINGTON – The U.S. Congress remained dangerously split Wednesday in the face of an unprecedented American default on its debt in just six days, as Republicans clashed with Democrats, and with each other, over raising the federal cap on borrowing. World stock markets watched nervously for a feared downgrade of the United States triple-A bond [...]

Obama’s ‘in debth’ talks with Republicans

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WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama and House Republican leaders reached anew for an elusive deal to cut deficits by $4 trillion or more and prevent a threatened government default in less than two weeks, officials said. House Speaker John Boehner declared Thursday that his rank and file generally stood ready to compromise in order to [...]