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Johnny Depp: “My daughter is no longer a Justin Bieber’s fan”

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Johnny Depp confessed in an interview to E! Online that his daughter is no longer a Justin Bieber’s fan Johnny said that the daughter started to lose interest in Justin Bieber when he took her backstage during one of his gigs. He said: “We brought her to the show and introduced them and it was [...]

Dad hits daughter who refuses to eat with chopsticks causes stir among bystanders (VIDEO)

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A man has been spotted beating up his daughter, because she refused to eat with chopsticks The father tried to convince the daughter at first, but when she refused, he started to beat her up causing stir among the bystanders. Watch the video below:

Lightning strikes mother and daughter (VIDEO)

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A lightning hit two pedestrians, a mother and a daughter, while they were walking The 28 year-old mother and her 6 year-old daughter ended up in hospital with first and second degree burns. Apparently the lightning hit their umbrella. Check out the video below:

Paris Jackson taken to hospital after suicide attempt

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Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, has been taken to the hospital after a suicide attempt on Wednesday The mother confirmed that Paris was taken to the hospital on Wednesday morning at 2 am and she had a lot to go through. The condition of the 15 year-old are yet unknown. Maybe the reason is [...]

Ohio Dad arrested after Video of him whipping Daughters goes Viral

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Greg Horn, a 35-year-old father, was arrested last week after a video of him whipping his two daughters with cable wire was seen more than 2 million times. Horn from Dayton, Ohio, lashed the girls aged 12 and 14 after seeing the booty-shaking video they had uploaded to Facebook. One of the girls, though, said [...]

Little girl beaten by dad for dirtying car’s interior (VIDEO)

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BEIJING, CHINA – A Chinese man beats up his daughter for dirtying his car’s interior. At first the man told his daughter to get out of the car then he dragged her to the floor and started to punch her. Watch the video below:

Mother gave daughter ecstasty tablets to celebrate her 13th birthday

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A British mother is accused of giving three ecstasy tablets to her daughter as a gift to celebrate her 13th birthday. The claim was made by Ray Mallon, the mayor of the British town of Middlesbrough, while talking about the plight of many minors in the town. “Many of these children are in care due [...]

Jessica Simpson is expecting a baby boy

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LONDON – Jessica Simpson‘s tongue slipped and she revealed that she is expecting a baby boy. The secret has been revealed on Jimmy Kimmel show. This is what Jessica Simpson said during the show: “I never knew a wiener could make me nauseous!.  Well I guess I just told the world that I’m having a [...]

Lily Allen gave birth to daughter Marnie Rose

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LONDON – Lily Allen gave birth to her daughter Marnie Rose. Lily Allen and her husband Sam Cooper welcomed the second child into world. A source tells The Mirror: “Marnie is a real cutie. Sam and Lily are ecstatic about adding another girl to the family. A little sister for Ethel is great news for [...]

WATCH Mother frees 2-year-old daughter from 6ft python wrapped around her arm

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An Australian mother was in shock when she saw a 6ft python wrapped around her daughter’s arm. Tess Guthrie, 22, from the Australian town of Lismore said she was slepping when she woke to the hissing of her cat. She got up and went into her two-year-old daughter’s bedroom where she found the reptile tied [...]

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