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Costa Concordia shipwreck: heartbreaking victims’ stories revealed

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ROME, ITALY – Heartbreaking details of the deaths of the 32 passengers in the Costa Concordia shipwreck have been revealed in captain Francesco Schettino‘s charges documents. Captain Francesco Schettino is currently facing charges of manslaughter, because he left the ship as soon as the cruise liner capsized close to the coast of the Italian island [...]

“I’ve been painted as worse than Bin Laden” complains Costa Cruise captain Schettino

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Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino complained in an interview with Italian newspaper La Stampa that he has been painted “as worse than Bin Laden”. Schettino was at the helm of a Costa Cruise liner when it hit a reef of rocks off the coast of Tuscany on January 13, 2012. The cruise liner struck a reef of rocks [...]

Costa Concordia captain denies being at the helm when cruiseliner hit the rocks

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The captain of the ill-fated cruise-liner Costa Concordia appeared in court Monday. At least 1,000 survivors of the ship-wreck that claimed the lives of 32 people have told news sources they want to “look him in the eyes to see how he will react to the accusations.” The cruiseliner ran aground off the Tuscan coast in January [...]

Costa captain’s alleged lover seeks legal action in the US

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The woman who was dining with the Costa Concordia captain the night the cruise ship hit the rocks and sank off the coast of Tuscany is seeking a six-figure compensation after she refused a 14,000 euro. Domnica Cermotan, 25, is supected of distracting Costa captain Francesco Schettino moments before stricking the rocks in the accident [...]

Concordia site gets visited by relatives of victims


GIGLIO, Italy – It has been reported that relatives of the 32 people killed in the Costa Concordia shipwreck have sailed to the Italian island where the cruise ship struck a reef six months ago to remember their loved ones. The Concordia capsized near Giglio, an island off the Tuscan coast, on Jan. 13. On [...]

Costa Cruises suffers another blow

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MANILA, Philippines – A cruise ship with about 1,000 people on board was drifting in waters south of the Philippines on Saturday after a fire disabled its engines, the Philippine coast guard said. Five crew members were injured. The fire on the Azamara Quest started late Friday, a day after the ship left Manila for [...]

Five more bodies found near Costa Concordia wreck

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ISOLA DEL GIGLIO, Italy – After more than two months since running aground off the coast of Tuscany rescue divers have retrieved five more bodies from the Costa Concordia. The BBC reports that the bodies were found outside the ship ‘between the wreck and the sea bed.’ The number of dead bodies that have been [...]

Italian tanker runs aground off Sicily

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ROME – An Italian tanker ran aground off the coast of Sicily Saturday. The AP reports that the tanker was evacuated by helicopter despite strong stormy seas. The Gelso M., with an all-Italian crew, was caught on a reef near the port town of Syracuse, on the island’s southeast coast. The ship had come to [...]

Disabled Costa ship docks in Seychelles port

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VICTORIA, Seychelles – A disabled cruise ship has docked in a Seychelles port after three days at sea without power. Passengers lined the railings and a few began to clap as the Costa Allegra drew close to the crowded dock Thursday morning. The Seychelles Red Cross has set up several tents to assist any passengers needing [...]

Passengers on adrift Costa Cruise ship to fly to Rome

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VICTORIA, Seychelles – An aviation official in Seychelles says that a disabled cruise ship being towed to the island nation’s main port is expected just after dawn on Thursday. Gilbert Faure, the chief executive of the Seychelles’ civil aviation authority, said Wednesday that planes are being lined up to fly the passengers of the disabled [...]

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