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Company creates Bacon Condoms so everyone can have a “Hot Pork experience”

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J&D’s has created a condom that tastes like bacon. The company prides itself of its bacon condoms which are made of the “highest quality latex”. With a little help from the bacon flavored lubricant – or baconlube – applied inside and out, the condom seems to be the perfect thing for those willing to have a [...]

Mc Donald’s sued after Mother finds 2-year-old Daughter chewing on a Condom

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McDonald’s is being sued for $5o,000 after a two-year-old was found by her mother chewing on a condom in the playground of one of the chain’s restaurants in Chicago. As Metro reports, two-year-old Jacquel was playing in the restaurant’s play area when her mother saw her munching the contraceptive. The angry mother immediately took the condom [...]

Bronx Science Teacher impregnated by 18-year-old-student because she didn’t like condoms

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Felicia Barahona, a 32-year-old Bronx science teacher, was impregnated by an 18-year-old student because she “didn’t like condoms.” Barahona and the young student began their four-month-long relationship when the boy turned 18. According to a  report the NY Daily News read, the relationship between the teacher, who is also a war veteran, and the student [...]

Scientists invented female condom that protects against STDs by dissolving inside the body

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NEW YORK – A team of scientists invented a female condom that can protect against sexually transmitted diseases by dissolving inside the body. The condom can protect both from STDs and unwanted pregnancy, because it melts and releases chemicals. The condom has been developed at the University of Washington and it is made of tiny [...]

WATCH the funniest condom advert ever

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PARIS, FRANCE – This French Durex advert is one of the funniest condom advert on the market. Even scientists watched the advert and said: ! The funniest bit is 39 seconds in”. Enjoy the video!

Zac Efron laughs off condom slip

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LOS ANGELES – In an interview Zac Efrom laughed off dropping a condom at the movie premiere of a children’s animated movie.Last week,  the High School Musical star walked onto the red carpet of his latest movie and a condom accidentally slipped out of one of his pockets. Efron, 24, was interviewed by TODAY’s Matt [...]

Porn actors in LA to wear condoms, mayor signs requirement

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LOS ANGELES -  It seems like the end of porn industry will be very close, the mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa will sign the requirement on Monday. This decision has been taken to prevent the spread of sexual transmitted diseases. Though U.S porn production is not happy about the decision, and a lot of [...]

Porn stars to use condoms while shooting

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LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles City Council is poised to give its final approval to a controversial ordinance that would require actors in adult films to use condoms. The council tentatively adopted the ordinance last week on an 11-1 vote. If council members pass it again at Tuesday’s meeting, it would be sent to [...]

Woman finds condom in diary product

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GUNNILSE, SWEDEN – A woman found a condom inside filmjolk milk. The daughter of the woman said her mother was shocked and she could not eat for two days.The woman found the unwelcome surprise when she was pouring the last drops of the container to give it to her dog, when a pink-coloured ring showed [...]