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Rihanna and Cristiano Ronaldo together: are they dating?

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Rihanna has been spotted with an extremely happy Cristiano Ronaldo: are the two dating? Cristiano Ronaldo was out in the backstage with Rihanna and the two took a photo together while she was on tour in Portugal. The photo has been posted on the social networks by both Cristiano Ronaldo and Rihanna. Rihanna wrote together [...]

Justin Bieber got attacked by crazy fan in Dubai on stage (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber has been attacked by a crazy fan in Dubai while he was singing on stage The 19-year-old singer was attacked during his song “Believe”. In the middle of the song a fan rushed onto the stage and grabbed Justin Bieber from behind. Despite the accident the singer got back on stage to sing [...]

Justin Bieber Attacked On Stage During Dubai Concert (Video)

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Justin Bieber was attacked Sunday night during his concert in Dubai.  The Canadian Pop-star was playing the piano when he was attacked midway through a song. Bieber was grabbed and held down but quickly escaped from the man’s hold and let the security guards take care of the attacker. YouTube

Drugs and a Stun Gun Found on Justin Bieber’s Tour Bus

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Drugs and a stun gun have been found on Justin Bieber‘s tour bus during a search Swedish authorities conducted during the pop-star’s concert in Stockholm. Authorities entered Bieber’s bus because they said they could smell marijuana, reports the New York Post. Lars Byström, a press officer at the Stockholm police department, said : “We found [...]

Katy Perry treats fan to an Upskirt (Video)

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During a 2011 concert, Katy Perry treated a fan to an upskirt that has been viewed more than 1,000,000 times on YouTube. California girls are unforgettable. YouTube RELATED NEWS: PHOTO: Katy Perry inches short of flashing her nipple Katy Perry falls one inch short of wardrobe malfunction at Part Of Me premier Katy Perry dumped [...]

Justin Bieber booed at London’s O2 Arena for showing up two hours late (Video)

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Justin Bieber was booed last night at London’s O2 Arena for showing up two hours late. The young Canadian pop star, who also risks a fine for breaking a noise curfew, wasn’t welcomed on stage by a cheering crowd but by an angry one instead. Doors had opened at 6:30p.m. on Monday but Bieber was still [...]

Harry Styles Hit In The Nuts By A Shoe Thrown On Stage (Video)

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One Direction member Harry Styles was hit in the nuts by a shoe thrown on stage on Tuesday night. The boy band was performing live at Glasgow’s SECC Arena last night when the shoe hit Styles in the groin. “Well, he has just been assaulted,” band mate Liam Payne said after he saw Styles lying [...]

WATCH Liam Payne hitting Harry Styles in the nuts during gig

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LONDON – Liam Payne hit Harry Style during on of the One Direction’s gig. By the look in the face of Harry Styles it was a painful experience indeed. Shortly after the singer stopped singing for a bit. Watch the video of tha accident: SOURCE: heatworld.com

WATCH Jessica Biel dancing at Justin Timberlake’s concert

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NEW YORK – Watch Jessica Biel enjoying her husband’s concert. Jessica Biel was at London’s HMV Forum on Wednesday where Justin Timberlake was performing:

Research reveals coughing doubles during classical concerts

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A study found that coughs double during ‘classical concerts.’ As The Telegraph reports,  Andreas Wagner, a German economist, found that coughing increases during classical concerts but there is no scientificic explanation as to what triggers this excessive coughing. Wagner told BBC Radio 4 that concert goers are ‘twice as likeley’ to cough when they listen to 20th [...]

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