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Chinese Boy born with blue Cat Eyes can see in total Darkness (VIDEO)

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A Chinese boy, named Nong Youhui, can see in total darkness, because he was born with cat eyes The boy underwent several tests and proved to see perfectly into the dark. Watch his story below:

Dalian: the Chinese city where men prefer sex dolls to real women

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Dalian is a Chinese city where men prefer sex dolls to real women The population in Dalian accounts for 50 million more men than women and that is the reason why the sex dolls industry is growing quickly. The video shows the visit at a Chinese sex dolls industry. The dolls feel and look real [...]

Little girl beaten by dad for dirtying car’s interior (VIDEO)

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BEIJING, CHINA – A Chinese man beats up his daughter for dirtying his car’s interior. At first the man told his daughter to get out of the car then he dragged her to the floor and started to punch her. Watch the video below:

Guy shows affection for bird by mouth feeding it (VIDEO)

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BEIJING, CHINA – A guy showed affection for a bird by mouth feeding it. A Chinese man loved a bird so much that he decided to feed it with his mouth. Check out how much this guy loved the bird:  

Chinese girl got hit by train while she was posing for photo on railway tracks

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BEIJING, CHINA – A 20 year-old Chinese student got hit by a train while she was posing for an artistic photo on railway tracks. The express train was travelling at 90mph. Xiao Li, 20, was doing a photoshoot with her friend Xiao Qing while all of a sudden the train came about, it all happened [...]

Chinese dad pays virtual hitman to kill son in video games so he can go look for a job

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SHAANXI, CHINA – A Chinese father is paying a virtual hitman to kill his son in video games so he can go look for a job. The man worried about his son’s unemployment and video games addiction decided to hire someone to kill his avatar in online video games. The father, Mr. Feng thinks that [...]

WATCH Chinese thieves using chopsticks

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NEW YORK – Watch this video and be amazed at how quick Chinese thieves are when it comes to chopsticks pickpocketing.

Chinese beauty pageant requirements: nipples must be at least 7.8 inches apart

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NEW YORK – A lot of controversy rose after the requirements to enter a Chinese university beauty pageant came out. Among the others there was written that girls must have their nipples at least 7.8 inches apart from the one and the other. Criterias for the contest are very strict, TV personality Yang Lan said: [...]

Luka Magnotta said he is not guilty

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MONTREAL – Luka Magnotta said” He’s innocent”. Canadian porn actor accused of dismembering his Chinese lover and mailing the body parts to several addresses has pleaded not guilty to five charges including first degree murder. Luka Magnotta pleaded not guilty Tuesday through his lawyer Pierre Panaccio. On Thursday, the court will consider Magnotta’s lawyer request [...]

Daughter is too hairy, parents abandoned her

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NEW YORK – Liu Jiangli is a cute 8 year-old Chinese girl, unfortunately life has not been kind to her. She was born with an illness and most of her body is covered in a thick black fur, something very close to monkeys’ fur. Doctors can’t explain why she has such illness, because usually there [...]

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