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Elderly man bullied on bus in Los Angeles (VIDEO)

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An elderly man has been bullied on a bus in Los Angeles Another passenger on the metro bus recorded the scene. This is what the passenger said: ”I started filming it for my husband who doesn’t realize all the crazy stuff that happens on the bus all the time, and then it got really intense. ”It was [...]

Woman sits on man’s laps after losing fight over seat on bus (VIDEO)

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A woman ended up sitting on a man’s laps after losing a fight over a seat on a bus  

Deer crashes through bus window in Pennsylvania (VIDEO)

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A bus driver was shocked when a deer crashed through a bus window in Pennsylvania The deer got into the bus and started to run around it trying to find its way out:  

Driver faints and crashes into a taxi and bus (VIDEO)

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SINGAPORE – The driver of a red Mercedes lost control of the car and ended up crashing into a taxi and a bus. The accident took place at the junction of Victoria Street and Middle Road in Singapore at around 9:15 pm. It is thought that the driver fainted while driving, although it is not [...]

Mad woman throws her baby during bus fight (VIDEO)

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NEW YORK, UNITED STATES – A mad woman throw her baby during a bus fight. A reckless woman got very worked up and she ended up throwing her baby to another passenger on the bus to go and beat up the person she was having a row with. The woman throws her baby towards the [...]

WATCH Naked man jumping on Septa bus and attacking camera man

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KENSINGTON – A naked man stopped the traffic in Kensington, Philadelphia and he jumped on a Septa Route 3 bus stopped under the Market Frankford El. As soon as he noticed the camera man the naked man started to chase him to attack him:

New bus gang-rape shocks India, police arrest 6

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Less than a month after a gang-rape on a Delhi bus, a very similar case of violence on women was reported in Guardaspur district in Punjab. As the CNN reports, a married 29-year-old woman was gang-raped by seven men including the bus driver at an undiclosed location all night long.  The woman boarded the bus [...]

Delhi bus rapist pleads guilty after 10 days of torturing

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Five of the six rapists charged with murder of a young woman on a Delhi bus are to appear in court for the second time on Thursday. The BBC reports that one of the men was “coerced into admission” after 10 days of torturing. The lawyer representing three of the six rapists said the 22-year-old was [...]

Indian guru blames victim for Delhi bus gang-rape: “Mistake is not committed from one side”

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An Indian spiritual guru called “Bapu” sparked outrage at a sermon when he told his followers that the Delhi bus gang-rape wouldn’t have happened if the young woman “had chanted God’s name and fallen at the feet” of her rapists. The comment outraged many in India where anti-rape rallies have been staged to protest against violence on [...]

Delhi bus rapists “had everything planned” recalls victim’s friend

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The man on the bus with the young female gang-raped by six men on a Delhi bus on December 16 told AFP they spent two hours  by the side of a road until police officers decided to take the young female to hospital. The man said the bus passengers “had everything planned” when they got on [...]

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