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Greece: Socialist candidate promises no new taxes

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ATHENS, Greece – Greece’s socialist party leader Evangelos Venizelos has promised no new taxes, or across-the-board wage and pension cuts, if his party participates in a coalition government after the May 6 early election. Speaking in front of a select audience of party officials Saturday, the former finance minister said he expected no single party [...]

Greece’s second bailout on its way

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ATHENS, Greece -Privately held bonds that were issued under Greek law will likley be swapped today with new ones worth half their original value.  The bonds are to be swapped the biggest debt writedown in history was secured last Friday.  The deal is also paving the way for a second international bailout. In last week’s agreement, [...]

Greek bond swap deal going well

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ATHENS, Greece – An official in Greece’s coalition government says negotiations with banks for a massive bond swap deal are “going well” and a framework agreement is expected in early January. The official, speaking on condition anonymity because the talks are ongoing, said Tuesday it is likely the outline of the deal will be settled [...]