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Greek rates increase in bond auction

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ATHENS, Greece – Greece has raised 1.625 billion euro with a high interest rate in an auction of 26-week tresury bills. The rate was similar to a debt sale last month. Tuesday’s auction saw the yield increase to 4.73 percent from 4.69 percent in the last such auction on May 8. Demand was 2.14 times [...]

Spain: stocks soar, pressure on bonds down

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MADRID – Spanish stocks are rising strongly and the interest rates on its bonds are down sharply in the first day of trading since the Spanish bailout was announced. The Ibex-35 stock index was up almost 5 percent shortly after opening. Bank stocks rose strongly. Shares in Bankia, which had requested 19 billion euro in [...]

Investors demand Portugal higher interest rates in latest debt auction

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LISBON, Portugal – Portugal has raised the 1.5 billion euros ($1.98 billion) it wanted in a short-term debt auction but investors demanded higher interest rates on the loan in a reminder that the country’s debt problems remain a long way from being solved. Portugal needed a 78 billion euro bailout rescue a year ago when [...]

Yield on Italian bonds close to 6% mark

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MILAN – Italy was forced to pay higher interest rates to entice investors to buy a little under 5 billion euros worth of its 5- and 10-year bonds. Investors demanded yields of 5.84 percent for the 10 year-bonds, up from 5.24 percent last month. On the 5-year bonds, Italy paid 4.86 percent, up from 4.18 [...]

French yield edges up in bond auction

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PARIS – France saw its borrowing costs edge up in bond auctions that sold 10.5 billion euros ($13.8 billion) in medium-term debt. The yield, or interest rate, on a five-year bond rose to 1.83 percent from 1.78 percent when it was last issued. No comparisons were available for the other bonds issued Thursday. The amount [...]

Investors show healthy appetite for Spanish bonds

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MADRID – Investors showed a healthy appetite for Spanish debt but demanded a higher premium in an auction that was a key test of confidence in the government’s ability to get a handle on its debts as its economy enters a recession. The Treasury auctioned 2.54 billion euros ($3.33 billion) in 10-year bonds and notes [...]

Greek borrowing costs drop slightly

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ATHENS, Greece – Greece’s borrowing costs have dipped slightly in a new auction of 13-week treasury bills which raised 1.62 billion euros ($2.11 billion). The debt management agency says that Tuesday’s sale was 2.46 times oversubscribed, attracting slightly lower investor demand than the last 13-week bill sale last month. The interest rate was 4.20 percent, [...]

Investors demand Italy higher returns in latest bond auction

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MILAN – Italy’s borrowing costs are continuing to rise amid renewed uncertainty about its debt load and growth prospects. Italy easily sold 4.88 billion euros ($6.41 billion) in bonds in four denominations on Thursday, but investors demanded higher returns. The Treasury sold 2.88 billion euros in three-year bonds at a yield of 3.89 percent, up [...]

French borrowing costs edge up in bond auction

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PARIS – France saw its borrowing costs rise slightly as it sold 8.44 billion euros ($11 billion) in a long-term bond auction. Borrowing costs, also known as the yield and an indication of risk, edged up on most of the bonds issued by France Thursday, though demand was healthy and the sale brought in close [...]

Weak bond auction drives Spain yield up

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MADRID – Spain’s first bond auction after its government unveiled a harsh austerity budget failed to raise the target amount Wednesday with borrowing costs on the country’s long-term debt also showing a sharp increase. In an auction of medium-term debt Wednesday Spain sold 2.6 billion euros ($3.5 billion), short of its 2.5 billion_3.5 billion euros [...]

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