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Syria: Vladimir Putin might back removal of Bashar al-Assad

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BELFAST, Northern Ireland – Vladimir Putin might back the removal of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad as long as the mistakes made after the removal of Iraq’s leader Saddam Hussein aren’t repeated. After two days of talks at the G8 summit, British officials said that the Russian president hasn’t sworn allegiance to the Syrian leader. As [...]

U.S. to arm Syrian rebels and likely to impose “no-fly zone”

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WASHINGTON D.C., United States - President Obama has decided to arm Syrian rebels and is considering imposing a “no-fly zone” above some parts of the Middle-Eastern country. In order to impose flying restriction, the U.S. would have to take military action and at the moment there are 4,000 US Army soldiers deployed in Jordan.  The White House administration [...]

Syria: Bahsar al-Assad Forces Regain Control of Qusayr

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DAMASCUS, Syria – Bashar al-Assad forces regained control of Quasayr, a small town bordering with Lebanon, with the help of the Hezbollah militia on Wednesday. Syrian forces defeated the rebels after a two-week siege in an early-morning suprise attack conducted by the Hezbollah. The Syrian rebels had gained control of the strategic town in early [...]

Nicole Lynn Mansfield killed by Bashar al-Assad’s forces in Syria

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DAMASCUS, Syria – Forces loyal to Syria president Bashar al-Assad killed three Westerners in an ambush in the northwestern province of Idlib.  The victim’s names haven’t been released but a family interviewed by the Detroit Free Press claims one of the victims was 33-year-old Nicole Lynn Mansfield who was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. The [...]

Syrian army battles for control of Aleppo

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After U.N. envoy Kofi Annan’s ceasefire plan failed to be implemented, Syrian army tanks have intensified their shelling of Aleppo on Sunday in an attempt to end the 17-month uprising that has gripped the country. According to Reuters, fighting has poured onto the streets and alleyways of a district in Aleppo while in Damascus, Bashar [...]

Barack Obama gives authorization to support Syrian rebels

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According to sources, U.S. President Barack Obama has given authorization to support the Syrian rebels in their effort to oust President Bashar al-Assad. The secret order authorizes the CIA and other forces to provide support to the rebels army now that the Syrian uprising is slowly turning into a civil war. Mr Obama signed the [...]

Syria to evacuate civilians trapped in Homs

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BEIRUT (AP) – Syria’s government said Tuesday it was ready to act on a U.N. call to evacuate civilians who have been trapped in the rebellious central city of Homs for more than a week, but blamed rebels for obstructing efforts to do so. Maj. Gen. Robert Mood, chief of the U.N. observer mission in [...]

Syrian coastal town Latakia shelled by army troops

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BEIRUT – A new round of heavy bombing was unelashed by Syrian troops on Sunday. Fighting erupted in a mountainous area near the coastal city of Latakia where rebels have set up a camp. The area has staged fierce fighting in recent days and more than 58 soldiers have been killed in the area. Rami [...]

Damascus becomes Syria’s latest battle ground

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BEIRUT – Troops loyal to the Syrian leader Basahar al-Assad shelled the city of Daraa on Saturday, killing at least 17 people. Violence and shooting has also been reported in Damascus, the country’s capital, where the uprising against Assad began more than a year ago. The overnight violence across the country is a big blow [...]

VIDEO: Footage shows aftermath of killing in Syria

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WARNING: Graphic Content. This video shows some very disturbing images showing the aftermath of the overnight killings in Mazraat al-Qubair, near the Syrian town of Hama. The violent crackdown has left more than 70 people dead. YouTube

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