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White House released photo depicting President Obama shooting

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WASHINGTON, USA – A photo depicting President Barack Obama shooting has been released by the White House on Friday. The photo shows President Barack Obama involved in some recreational shooting at Camp David last August. The picture was released because the President revealed in an interview that he enjoys “blowing off some steam at the [...]

PHOTO Fly uses President Obama’s forehead as its runway

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US President Barack Obama has a wide forehead. In fact, it is so wide flies use it a resting place or, alternatively, as a runway. On Thursday, the US President was appointing former U.S. attorney Mary Jo White to the helm of the Securities and Exchange Commission when the brash fly landed on his forehead. Huffington [...]

WATCH Beyoncé lip-synching ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’

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According to various reports, Beyoncé used a “pre-recorded vocal track” for her performance of the “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the inauguration of President Obama. United States Marine Band rep Kristin DuBois told Page Six We performed, live, the band. But we received last-minute word that Beyonce was going to use the pre-recorded vocal track. Those [...]

WATCH Michelle Obama gives John Boehner an eye roll during luncheon

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During the luncheon following his second presidential inauguration, the US President Barack Obama was discussing with Speaker of the House John Boehner a topic Michelle Obama didn’t seem to appreciate too much. The First Lady’s eye roll leaves little to the imagination. YouTube

WATCH Barack Obama faces inaguration speech crowd one last time: ‘I’m not going to see this again’

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After finishing his second inauguration speech, President Barack Obama took some time to look at the the crowd that attended the event. Obama turned around on the Capitol’s West Front steps and faced the crowd for a few intense moments. The 44th US President was overheard saying: “I’m going to take a look one more time. [...]

Who was the guy who flirted with Obama’s daughters?

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WASHINGTON – A guy has been spotted flirting with Barack Obama’s daughters in a ABC news video report. The mistery has been solved the guy who has been seen smiling and talking to Malia and Sasha is their cousin Avery, who is the son of Michelle Obama’s older brother Craig Robinson. To watch the video: [...]

Busy time for Barack Obama lookalike

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WASHINGTON – The inauguration for Barack Obama’s second term will be a busy one, not only for Obama but also for his lookalike. Obama’s lookalike is very busy attending corporate events. Larry Graves, his lookalikee, said:‘It’s definitely a busy time. Between the campaign season and the inauguration, it’s been prime time. Barack Obama is a [...]

Moderate Republican Chuck Hagel to be nominated Defense Secretary

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WASHINGTON – US President Barack Obama is likely to select decorated Vietnam veteran Chuck Hagel as the next US defense secretary. Hagel, 66, (R-Neb.) is expected to be nominated today despite leading Republicans’ opposition to Mr Obama’s decision. US President Barack Obama returned to Washington from his Hawaiian vacation on Sunday and Hagel is his second straight [...]

Obama signs law to avoid ‘fiscal cliff’

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According to the CBS, President Barack Obama has signed the bill that raises taxes on the wealthiest Americans while blocking those on low and middle class wages. The measure contains many special interest tax breaks that many failed to notice. CBS reports: One allows auto racetrack owners to speed up their tax deductions. Another tax write off [...]

U.S. Fiscal Cliff: House avoids fiscal cliff, victory for Obama

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WASHINGTON – Late Tuesday night, the House passed the bill to postpone the fiscal cliff on a 257-167 vote. The vote is a victory for US president Barack Obama who won a hard-fought political battle two months after winning re-election. Following the vote Mr. Obama said: ”Thanks to the votes of Republicans and Democrats in Congress [...]

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