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eBay Bidding for Giant NY Morgue Fridge Soars over $2,000 (PHOTO)

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NEW YORK, United States – A “used” but in “good condition” Morgue refridgerator is being auctioned on eBay. The item on sale is 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide and the bidding has soared over $2,000 since The New York Post reported on the auction. Whoever wins the auction will have to go to [...]

Mahatma Gandhi’s blood does not get sold at auction

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Mahatma Gandhi’s blood did not get sold at a recent auction No one was willing to pay the reserve price of £10,000 ($15,155). The blood was a sample from an operation for the appendicitis that he had to undergo back in 1924. The samples of blood were described by the British auction house Mullock’s spokesman [...]

Photos snapped by chimp to go under the hammer for £70,000

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A series of photo taken by a chimpanzee called Mikki will go under the hammer and are likely to sell for £70,000 Mikki used to work at Moscow Circus and was trained to take photos by two contemporary artists Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid. Mikki started to take photos with a Polaroid camera and then [...]

Biggest egg in the world to go under the hammer (PHOTOS)

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NEW YORK, UNITED STATES – The biggest egg in the world is going under the hammer at Christie’s. The egg is 100 times bigger than a normal sized chicken egg and is today a fossil. The egg used to belong to an elephant bird that lived in Madagascar and got extinct during the 17th century. [...]

Brazil: Sex Toy Retailer Auctions Off Virginity Of Its First Real Doll

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A sex toy retailer in Brazil is auctioning off the virginity of its first Real Doll. Valentina was made by Brazilian company Sexônico and online bidding to be the man to deflower the country’s first human-like doll have exceeded $100,000.    The winner of the auction will travel to and from Sao Paulo for free. He [...]

Fragments of Russian meteorite sold online for as much as $16,000

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Families in the Chelaybinsk region in Russia are finding ways to cash in on the scare that a meteorite caused when it streaked across the sky on Feb. 15. Families in the villages of Deputatsky and Pervomaysky are searching the area to collect the meteorite’s fragments. The fragments of the so-called Chebarkul meteorite are then sold [...]

Don’t miss out on Findus “beef” lasagne for sale on eBay

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LONDON – An eBayer is selling Findus “beef” lasagne meal on eBay with the auction title: “Findus Lagagne…limited edition”. The description of the product reads: ‘Product will be shipped frozen but may arrive defrosted.’ Findus lasagne meal have been taken off from the shelves after tests revealed that they contained 100% horse meat. SOURCE: metro.co.uk

eBay auction goes viral because woman included herself undressed in the photo by mistake

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LONDON – An ebay auction went viral after users realised that the woman who put up the dress for sale also included her naked in a photo by mistake. The woman who started an auction to sell an ASOS dress with a starting price of £ 15.99 managed to get bids over £ 150,000. On [...]

WATCH Brazilian teenager auctions virginity to pay mother’s medical expenses

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A Brazilian teenager has decided to imitate fellow Brazilian Catarina Migliorini and has posted a video on YouTube in which she auctions her virginity to the highest bidder. Rebeca Bernardo, 18, admitted that she decided to upload the video after reading about Migliorini’s feat that earned her $800,000.  In the video, Bernardo says she decided to [...]

Kate Moss’ first-ever modelling shot to go under the hammer

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LONDON – Kate Moss’ first-ever modelling shot will go under the hammer. The shot depicting a 14 year-old Kate Moss at the beginning of her modelling career was taken by the photographer David Ross back in 1988. The photo will be auctioned at Bloomsbury’s in Mayfair, London on November 23. The photo will have a [...]

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