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WATCH: Lee Rigby mowed down before machete attack in London

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LONDON (GREAT BRITAIN) – Lee Rigby mowed down by London machete attackers. Jurors in the murder trial were shown CCTV footage of the moment he was mowed down neear a primary school. The two Islamic terrorists then got out the of their vehicle and beheaded the British soldier with meat cleaver. The entire footage of the murder [...]

Tiger at Australia Zoo sinks jaws into neck of handler that raised him (Video)

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BRISBANE (AUSTRALIA) – A tiger handler was attacked and had his neck chewed by a tiger during a demostration at a zoo in Australia on Tuesday. Dave Styles, a senior handler at Australia Zoo, was rushed to hospital after he was attacked by the tiger.  Sunshinecoastdaily reports that things went from playful to life-threatening in [...]

Unseen footage of Kenya mall attack released

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NAIROBI (KENYA) – Footage of the Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi that killed 67 people was shown for the first time. Video of the massacre was aquired by CNN. In the video men, women and children start running for their lives inside the mall as soon as the attackers start firing gun shots. A security [...]

6-year-old Chinese boy’s eyes gouged out in Shanxi (NSFW Video)

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BEIJING (CHINA) - A six-year-old boy had his eyes removed on August 24. The boy was out playing with friends in Fenxi, Shanxi province, when a woman approached him and gouged out his eyes. The parents of the young boy found him hours later with his eye balls missing. A police officer told Xinhua News Agency: “We [...]

Syria: Overjoyed father reunites with dead son (Video)

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DAMASCUS (SYRIA) – A Syrian father was overjoyed to be reunited with his son who survived a chemical attack that  killed hundreds in Zamalka last week. The heartening video uploaded to YouTube is a rare moment of joy in the war-torn country of Syria. Since the conflict began in 2011, more than 100,000 people have [...]

Al-Qaeda plotting devastating attack on European railways

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BERLIN (GERMANY) – Al Qaeda is planning a devastating attack on Europe’s high-speed rail network. According to The Local, the world’s biggest terrorist organization could plant bombs on trains or dismantle tracks in order to cause as many deaths as possible. The website cites papers that were given to German authorities by the National Security [...]

Lion attacks girl at wild animal zoo in China (Video)

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WUHAN, China – A lion cub almost killed a little girl who was visiting the Wuhan Forest Wild Animal Zoo with her parents. The animal leaped toward the girl and tore a chunk of flesh off her right leg before staff at the zoo were able to get rid of the lion. Rescuers hit the [...]

Monkey attacks police officer (VIDEO)

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Police officer, Keith Moore, has been attacked by a monkey during a traffic stop This is what the officer Keith Moore said about the experience: “We’re taught to be on guard at all times. My sergeant thought I had initially got stung with a bee but it wasn’t,” Moore said. “I ended up telling him when I [...]

Nigella Lawson attacked by Charles Saatchi: Police to probe Restaurant ‘Row’

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LONDON, United Kingdom – British foor writer and journalist Nigella Lawson was sitting at a fancy London restaurant when her husband Charles Saatchi grabbed her by the throat. The shocking photos show Lawson in tears as her 70-year-old husband keeps his left hand on her throat. Lawson, 53, and her 70-year-old husband will be questioned by [...]

Julia Gillard Dodges Flying Salami Sandwich (Video)

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Julia Gillard, Australia’s prime minister, was narrowly missed by a sandwich a student threw at her during a school visit in Canberra on Thursday.  Footage shows a flying salami sandwich landing not far from the Australian premier during her visit at Lyneham High School in Canberra. According to one of Gillard’s advisers, the Australian PM [...]

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