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Jordan: MP claims his life is in danger after anti Assad comments

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AMMAN, Jordan – A Jordanian lawmaker says he has received death threats for calling on Syria’s President Bashar Assad to step down. Ali al-Khalayleh says an anonymous caller with a Syrian accent telephoned him Saturday, threatening to “behead” the lawmaker for remarks made about Assad in Jordan’s parliament two weeks ago. He says the call [...]

France: Syrian exiles to be granted extra security

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PARIS – France’s interior minister says authorities are increasing security for Syrian opposition members based here who have come under threat in recent days. Claude Gueant did not specify the nature of the threats or of the new security measures. Speaking to reporters in Paris on Friday, he said the measures would affect members of [...]

Syrian troops storm rebel village, five people dead

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BEIRUT – Syrian activists say troops have stormed a village in the center of the country, leaving five people dead, while another person was shot in the restive town of Homs. The Local Coordination Committees activist group says security forces swept through the village of Traimseh in the central province of Hama early Thursday. It [...]

Turkey freezes Syria assets

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ANKARA, Turkey – Turkey says it is freezing the assets of the Syrian regime along with other economic sanctions. Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu says Turkey is also severing links with Syria’s Central Bank and shelving strategic cooperation aimed at boosting ties with Damascus. He announced the sanctions during a news conference on Wednesday. Davutoglu says [...]

Syria: arms embargo angers Russia

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MOSCOW – Russia’s foreign minister has dismissed calls for an arms embargo on Syria and warned against imposing ultimatums on President Bashar Assad’s government. Sergey Lavrov told Tuesday’s news conference that calls for an arms embargo on Syria are “unfair,” adding that militant groups opposing the government have been armed from the outside. He drew [...]

Obama urges Assad to resign

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WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama says the time has come for Syrian President Bashar Assad to resign for the sake of his brutally repressed people. In a stinging written statement, Obama said Assad has overseen a vicious onslaught of his people as they protest for freedoms. He said the Syrian people will decide their country’s future [...]

Anonymous hacks Syria’s Defence Ministry

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NEW YORK – As the Syrian army continues its military crackdown on its civilians, the hacker’s group known as Anonymous has reportedly hacked the website of the Syrian Ministry of Defence, reports huffingtonpost.com. On Monday morning, the website’s visitors were greeted with a Syrian flag with the Anonymous logo appearing in the centre of it [...]

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