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Enzo Jimenez red carded for grabbing dog by the neck and tossing it off field (Video)

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BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Soccer player Enzo Jimenez was red carded in the match between San Juan and Belaavista when he grabbed a dog that had invaded the pitch by its neck. Jimenez then chucked the animal off the field. Needless to say he deserved the red card. YouTube HyperVocal

Man almost gets run over by a speedboat on a city street (VIDEO)

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A man almost got run over by a speedboat while standing on the pavement on a city road It happened in Argentina in the town of Tigre, where a man almost got killed by a speedboat whilst waiting to cross the road. The speedboat was being carried on a car when all of sudden it [...]

Argentina: Couples tricked into Buying drug-enhanced Ferrets instead of Poodles

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Dog lovers in Argentina were caught off guard when they realized that their adorable white puppies were ferrets filled with steroids. The owner of a drug-enhanced ferret discovered the con after taking the animal to a local vet thinking it was a Chihuahua. Twitter users didn’t feel much simpathy for those who had been swindled. [...]

Joe Jonas and Blanda Eggenschwiler Sex Tape Could Hit the Web Today

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Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers and his 28-year-old girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler star in a sex tape that could appear online today. The video was filmed in a hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina, about a month ago. The young couple reportedly engages in hardcore sex acts with the help of dildos, a gag ball and [...]

Francis I, the pope from the New World, chosen to restore faith in the Roman Catholic Church

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Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio became the 266th pontiff on Wednesday. He is the first Pope to take the name Francis and many were suprised at how quickly he convinced the other cardinals that he is the one the Roman Catholic Church needs. Francis I –  who took the name of the Italian saint who founded [...]

Man protects his car from hail storm in Argentina (Video)

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An Argentinian man stayed on the top of his car to protect car from a hail storm in Mar del Plata. Hail as big as golf balls damaged as many as 5,000 vehicles during the storm that bore down on the popular sea resort on Feb. 24.

Argentina: woman marries her twin sister’s murderer

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An Argentine man convicted of the murder of his girlfriend married his victim’s twin sister on Valentine’s Day. Victor Cingolani was sentenced to 13 years in prison two years ago for the murder of his girlfriend Johana Casa but tied the knot with her twin sister at a civil registry office on February 14. A [...]

Carpenter survives despite having 8cm nail pierced in his heart

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BUENOS AIRES – A 19 year-old carpenter survived after having a 8cm nail shot through his heart. The nail has been shot accidentally by one of his colleagues. He was working in a factory in Cañuelas area when the accident took place. The X-ray image shows the nail pierced in his heart. This is what [...]

Margaret Thatcher was considering diplomatic solution at height of Falklands War

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LONDON – In April 1982, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher feared Argentina’s decision to launch a naval task force in an attempt to take back the Falkland Islands – known as Las Malvinas in Spanish – would have cost her the post as Britain’s first female prime minister.   As The Guardian reports, Thatcher was very [...]

Convicted killer Victor Cingolani to marry his victim’s twin sister

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Victor Cingolani was sentenced to 13-years in prison for murdering his supermodel girlfriend Johana Casas in August 2010 and now he has been authorized to marry her twin sister. Cingolani, who has always denied his ex-girlfriend’s murder, said in a TV interview on Thursday that he had decided to marry in jail “to avoid a [...]

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