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Woman with runny nose finds out she was leaking brain fluid

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Arizona woman brain fluid leakAn Arizona woman who thought her runny nose was due to some sort of allergy turned out to be brain liquid leaking out of two small cracks in her ‘sphenoid sinus‘. As Fox News reports, Aundrea Aragon had clear liquid running out of her nose every time she would bend over.

Researchers at the University of Arizona found out the woman was leaking celebral spinal fluid (CSF) from two small cracks caused by celebral pressure.  ”I was scared to death,” Aragon said. “I knew it could not be allergies.” Surgeons at the University of Arizona successfully carried out a non-invasive operation to stop the leaks.

Fox News reports:

They performed an endoscopic procedure through her nose, using image-guided neuronavigation and fluorescein dye to locate the cracks. Then, using tissue from her nose and a small portion of belly fat, the surgeons were able to repair the cracks, stopping the leak.

Aragon is now recovering frm the opearation at her home in Arizona where she says she’s happy to have survived the scare. In a Facebook post she wrote following the operation, she said she is very grateful to the surgeons who took care of her. “I am grateful I can take care of my kids,” she wrote.

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