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Mystery of the orange frog unveiled

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LONDON – The mystery of the orange frog found in Derby, United Kingdom has been unveiled. These four orange frogs came out of the snow and wildlife experts started to wonder what they were.

Eventually the team leader of London Zoo’s reptile house identified them as an exotic species: African clawed frogs. Ben Tapley added that these animals are usually kept as pets and they probably have escaped from their owner’s house.

This is what Steve Atkin, who found them, said: ‘I saw what looked like a frog sticking out of the snow and I thought it was a toy but it moved when I went to touch it. I told my wife and she told me to go and rescue them. I’ve got them in a bowl of water at my house. I have no idea what they are. There were four of them but one has died. I want someone who knows what they are to take them off my hands.’


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