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Giant Goldfish found in Lake Tahoe (Photo)

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Giant goldfish found in Lake Tahoe

Giant goldfish found in Lake Tahoe

Researchers at the University of Nevada have scooped up from Lake Tahoe the biggest goldfish they have ever seen. The gigantic  goldfish, which is 1.5 feet long and weighs 4.2 pounds, may have been dumped into the lake by aquarium owners. Researchers said 15 other goldfish were found in the area.

Researchers are conducting a research to better comprehend the impact invasive species are having on Lake Tahoe’s eco system.

Aquarium dumping is becoming and more and more popular in the United States. It is thought to be one of the main causes endangering California’s native aquatic species.  Researcher Sue Williams said: “Globally, the aquarium trade has contributed a third of the world’s worst aquatic and invasive species.”

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