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Carmen Blandin Tarleton gets new face after 2007 lye attack

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A Vermont mother successfully underwent a full facial transplant at a Boston hospital earlier this month.

Carmen Blandin Tarleton wanted a new face since her estranged husband broke into her house and disfigured her with a powerful lye he poured onto her face and body in 2007. The attack left the mother of two children badly disfigured and bedridden.

As The Boston Globe reports, surgeons at Brigham and Women’s Hospital gave Carmen the possibility to undergo a full face transplant after years of blood transfusions. The surgery was at risk because the donor’s face could have been rejected by the 44-year-old mother.

The donor’s face was not a perfect match but thanks to an untested approach surgeons transplanted the woman’s  facial skin, nose, lips, muscles, arteries, nerves and her neck. The transplant was conducted by a team of 30 surgeons and lasted 15 hours. It is the largest so far at the hospital.

Doctors are confident Carmen will start moving her nose, lips and other muscles in her face in six months.

Herbert Rodgers, Carmen’s estranged husband, was sentenced to at least 30 years in prison. 

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