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Australian Couple Bare It All In London To Promote Nudity (Photos)

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An Australian couple bore it all and took pictures of themselves naked at some of London’s most iconic spots in order to promote nudity.

Sam Hatfield and Fiona Skeleton showed off their assets in nude pics they took in front of Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye. The Aussie couple bore it all even as they walked across the Abbey Road crossing made famous by The Beatles.

The naked pictures were used for a short film called ‘Bare Rollin in the Big Smoke.’ The project’s aim is to make nudity cool. “Being shameless about displays of nudity is our way of subtly challenging the shame that causes so many people to be embarassed about themselves and fearful of other’s nudity,” said the Australian couple.

Sam and Fiona have appeared naked in public before. They took their clothes off to ride a scooter across the Sydney Harbor Bridge and have danced naked with commuters in the town of Wuppertal in Germany.



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