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Liam Gallagher labelled Gangnam style an absolute classic

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LONDON – Liam Gallagher called Gangnam style an absolute classic and he said he is a fan of Psy.

This is what he said: “I think it’s an absolute classic… I love it. My kid dances to it every morning and it makes me chuckle and spit out my Corn Flakes. I can’t wait to hear his new tune.”

On another note he replied to a question reguarding a possible Oasis reunion saying:   ”F*ck Oasis as far as I’m concerned and fuck Noel Gallagher. The thought of going onstage with that f*cking idiot and hanging out with his daft mates, the pretend drug addicts and all his snobs from Sloane Street. F*ck that, not interested, mate. We’re Beady Eye all the f*cking way… I’ve got a new record, I’m buzzing off it.”


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