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Korean Model Hang Mioku Disfigured For Life After Injecting Cooking Oil Into Own Face

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A former Korean model has been badly disfigured after she injected cooking oil into her own face. 

Hang Mioku was obsessed with silicone injections because it gave her a soft skin. But when doctors refused to perform any more surgeries citing psychological issues, she bought a bottle of the substance on the black market and injected it into her own face. After she used all the liquid in the bottle she had bought, the former model resorted to cooking oil.

The substance forced her face to swell up and now doctors say she will be scarred for life.

The former model’s plight was featured on Korean state television. Many people raised money to pay for the woman’s corrective surgery. She’s already gone under the kinfe 10 times and so far doctors have removed 60g silicone, oil and other foreign substances form her face,reports The Daily Mail.  The model know works in a second hand clothes shop called ‘The Beautiful Shop‘.

Hang Mioku Badly Disfigured

Hang Mioku Badly Disfigured

Hang Mioku Badly Disfigured


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