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Germany: Legalizing prostitution has turned country into “Europe’s biggest brothel”

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BERLIN, Germany - The capital of Europe’s most powerful country is becoming “Europe’s biggest brothel”. A documentary looking into the legalisation of prostitution claims that around one million people pay for sex every day in Germany.

Since Germany’s federal government legalized ‘flat-rate’ brothels in 2002, Berlin has become a haven for sex tourists. In the city, clients can have as much sex as they want for just €49 ($65). But the legalization of prostitution, more than a decade after the law was passed, isn’t protecting women as much as lawmakers thought it would.

In 2002, the German government passed the law in order for women to gain acees to public health insurance and benefits, writes The Daily Mail. While others say the law has allowed traffickers to bring foreign women into the country and force them to become sex workers. The majority of Germany’s 400,000 sex workers are said to be foreigners.

However, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) published numbers that show how in less than a decade cases of sexual trafficking have gone down by a third. In Germany, there are around 3,500 established brothels. 

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