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Young North Carolina Boy drives mother to safety after she suffers seizure

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Caleb TaylorCaleb Taylor, a 5-year-old boy from North Carolina, drove his mother to safety by taking control of the car after she had suffered a seizure.

The young boy got at the wheel of his mother’s car when he realized she was suffering a seizure. He got in the front seat where he took control of the operations and pulled up on the side of the road where he turned off the car. “I was asleep. I was taking a nap, and I just woke up,” Caleb said.

Caleb rescued his mother with the help of a passerby who called 911 and stayed with them until the ambulance arrived. “I unbuckled and turned the car off,” he said. “I was pretty scared.” The young boy said he wants to be called “Caleb Batman” for rescuing his mother.


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