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Small Plane Crashes

Light aircraft crash-lands in small English home back garden (PHOTOS and VIDEO)

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HATHERLEY, England – A plane that had taken off from Glouceshire Airport crashed into the garden of a Cheltenham home just a few miles away at 10:45am on Thursday.

The pilot, a 76-year-old man fron London, survived the crash and suffered just a few cuts and bruises doctors are treating at a local hospital. He managed to deploy the aircraft’s parachute and land safely in the garden of a house of a middle-aged couple.  Mike, 55, and Karen Dean, 50, where in the house when the £500,000 aircraft crashlaned in their rear-garden. “All I heard was a big bang. I was in the house at the time and I managed to get downstairs,” said Mr Dean.

David Shatford, who was building an extension next to where the plance crashed rished to the scene and rescued the injured pilot. “I heard the noise at first, it was so loud. I looked around and saw this plane coming straight towards me,” said Shatford. ” Next thing I knew the plane had smashed into the trees, and I was on auto pilot. Without thinking I jumped over the fence and went to help the pilot.”

Small Plane Crashes

Small Plane Crashes

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