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APTOPIX Brazil Confed Cup Protests

Brazil Protests: Pepper-sprayed woman draws comparison to Turkey’s woman in red

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - The image of a woman being pepper-sprayed is making the rounds on the Internet. The picture was taken around 11:20pm on Monday. Victor Caivano, the photographer who caught the moment on camera, told New York Magazine’s Daily Intelligencer :

Three riot officers approached the woman and told her to leave. When she objected — the woman either questioned the order or insisted that she wasn’t doing anything wrong, Caivano recalls — she was pepper-sprayed. “This policeman just didn’t think twice,” Caivano says.

APTOPIX Brazil Confed Cup Protests

The picture captures an act of police brutality that has already drawn comparisons to a picture taken during the protest over Gezi Park’s redevelopment plan in IstanbulTurkey. Ceyda Sungar, the ‘woman in the red dress’, was pepper-sprayed in her face by riot police during the protest.





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