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Knox retrial: judges order new DNA testing on bloody knife

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Judges at the Knox retrial have ordered new DNA testing on the kitchen knife allegedly used for murdering Meredith Kercher in 2007. Amanda Knox and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were convicted of the crime but an appeals court overturned the ruling in 2011.

However, Italy’s Supreme Court ordered a retrial in 2013 after it was alleged that the final ruling was superficial. “I hope that we will take a step towards the truth, for the Kercher family,” said the Kercher’s lawyer Francesco Maresca.

From The Local: 

Sollecito’s lawyer Luca Mauri called for semen stains on the pillow found under Meredith’s corpse to be tested for the first time, saying he was “shocked that an investigation purportedly into a ‘satanic orgy’ overlooked the semen.” The prosecution has claimed that the murder was the result of “an erotic game that spun out of control” — a hypothesis the Supreme Court suggested was valid and asked the retrial to probe.

Meredith Kercher, a young British student, was found dead in her bedroom in Perugia in 2007. Sollecito and Knox were accused of murdering the girl after traces of their DNA were found on the knife used to slit the young student’s throat. A third DNA trace has been found on the knife and prosecutors hope it could help clear all doubts.

Knox and Sollecito have always denied killing Meredith. Rudy Guede, the man from Ivory Coast, is in jail and considered the only responsible for the young student’s death.



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