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Italy: Ship Crashes into Genoa Port Control Tower, At Least 7 Die (Video)

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Jolly Nero Crashes Into Genoa Port Control TowerAt least seven people have died after a container ship crashed into a control tower in the port of Genoa Tuesday night.

The Jolly Nero reduced the glass tower to rubble after two of the ship’s engines failed and the captain lost control of the vessel. Stefano Messina, the ship’s owner, rushed to the scene of the crash after news of the accident broke. “We are all utterly shocked. Nothing like this has ever happened before, we are desperate,” he said.

The accident occurred around 23:00 p.m. on Tuesday when the ship was leaving the port. The BBC reports that “a shift change” was occurring in the control tower when tugboats were taken the container ship outside the port.

Port Authority President Luigi Merlo said: “It’s a terrible tragedy. We’re in turmoil, speechless.” The Jolly Nero was supposed to head to Naples. Rescue operations began early this morning and a person was found alive under the rubble.



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