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Voice Coach uses Sex Toys To Treat Tensions in Actor’s Voices

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Sex Toy

Sex Toy

A University of Alberta voice coach is treating sore throats with sex toys. David Ley is a professor in the school’s drama department uses a small marital aid to ease tensions in the larynx of his actors and singers.   

Mr. Ley began looking into machines that release tensions a few years ago. None convinced him until he walked into a sex shop to buy a purple marital aid, writes Metro.

“I was in the middle of the store testing it on the throat of a friend,” he said.

The vibrator is the size of a computer mouse and releases vibrations “with a frequency between 100 and 120”. Mr. Ley uses these vibrators to relax the vocal chords and enable his singers to hit higher notes. It’s the first time a voice instructor uses a sex toy to ease the tensions in the voices of actors and singers .

“What I’m trying to do is to help the person hit that high note or harness their emotional energy,” Mr. Ley added.

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