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WATCH Paralysed dog walks again after stem cell transplant

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Paralysed dachshund JaperA paralysed dachsund was cured from his condition after doctors transplanted stem cells taken from his nose. A dachsund called Jasper took part in a study with 33 other dogs that suffered back problems. All dogs had their spinal chords damaged in accidents that were not related to the study.

All dogs suffered spinal injuries: 23 dogs had stem cells called olfactyory enseathing cells transplanted in their spinal chords while the rest had a neutral fluid injected. Those that received the stem cell transplant were able to regain part of the back legs’ movement and walk on a treadmill thanks to a harness.

The owner of Jasper said : ‘Before the trial, he was unable to walk at all. When we took him out we used a sling for his back legs so that he could exercise the front ones. It was heartbreaking.’


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