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One in two Americans are fixed on Italian food, survey reveals

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LasagnaA survey run by cooking blog  Zagat revealed that one in two American families need a pasta fix at least once a week. Be it linguine, penne or pappardelle, Americans seem they can’t do without a good dose of pasta.

Almost 1,500 people were interviewed and the survey found that almost one in two Americans (44%) eat pasta at least once a week. But don’t ask them to stay at home, Americans would rather go to a restaurant and spend $20-25 dollars for a Pappardelle Bolognese dish than cook it themselves at home with as little as 4$.

The survey alos found that 40% of pasta lovers twirl their spaghetti with a spoon and and down a glass of Pinot Grigio rather than a Chianti or a Montepulciano. When it comes to Italian liquers Limoncello – 38% – is a must. But if you’re still not full and need some comfort, why not drown your sorrows in a cheesy Pizza or in a nice and saucy Lasagna. Both dishes top the ‘Comfort Dish’ question but Eggplant Parmigiana is also popular.

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