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Man undergoes voluntary castration because of his own raping fantasies (VIDEO)

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A man whose name has not been released decided to undergo voluntary chemical castration because he was fearing his raping and killing fantasies to turn into reality.

Chemical castration consists in stifling the sex drive by using a treatment of drugs and as a result mens’ sex drives hormones significantly decrease. Such treatment is already used for sex offenders in Poland, Russia and several states in the USA.

Steve (not the real name) decided to undergo such treatment after he thought about chasing women to commit the perfect crime and eventually decided to seek help from Dr Fedoroff, an expert in the field. Steve said during an interview:  ‘The sex became more boring over time so I started looking for more extreme methods. I enjoyed the challenge of meeting someone online and seeing how fast I could get them in to bed. It progressed to being more violent and then the fantasies of sexual assault and rape started … and then I thought of killing the women I was sleeping with.’

Watch a bit of the interview below:

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